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Why You Should Never Try to Get Rid of Cellulite

Updated on January 15, 2011

Why You Can't Get Rid of Cellulite

There used to be a lot of products that claimed to be the cellulite cure. You couldn't read the back of a magazine without seeing ad after ad for cellulite creams and other cures for the "condition." These days, most women (and men) know that you can't really cure cellulite. It isn't a condition at all, and it doesn't go away completely no matter what you use.

However, the cellulite cream industry doesn't want you to know this little fact: every woman has cellulite. Literally. Let me say that again- every single woman on the planet has cellulite.  While past numbers given were often 90-95% of women having cellulite, a recent study shows that the number is actually 100%. That's right- you've been lied to. Cellulite is a normal part of the female body. Trying to get rid of cellulite is like trying to get rid of your elbow. Think of how much time, money and frustration you would inflict on yourself by trying creams and devices to get rid of your elbows because they "make you look fat." Your elbows are there to stay and are nothing to be ashamed of. Neither is your cellulite.

The industry of cellulite creams and heated cellulite devices is built on telling women that they have cellulite because they are somehow "bad" or "fat." They continue selling millions of dollars worth of this junk year after year because the public continues to believe that the models and actresses that they admire don't have any cellulite, and that they too can get rid of it. You can't. No one can, nor should they.

Who is in that picture above? Someone "old"? Middle aged? Lazy? It's actually a young Japanese woman in good physical shape. She hasn't done anything "wrong" to get cellulite, and neither have you.

New and more expensive cellulite treatments keep coming out, and people keep buying them in the belief that they can eventually get rid of it. In some cases, it is possible to temporarily make it look as if there is less cellulite. Is that really worth the money and the hours spent applying heat treatments and creams? Is it worth it to support an industry that preys on spreading misinformation to women in order to lower their self esteem to make a buck from them? That's for you to decide.

Why You Don't See Cellulite on Models

If you think that the model or actress that you love is the exception- think again. She has cellulite all right, and she also has someone who photoshops the pictures of her. These days, many celebrity women have personal Photoshop professionals who must look over and approve every photo that is released. In addition, magazines have Photoshop experts and many newspapers have even been caught altering photos for better effect. The public is forgetting what real people look like and wondering why they don't look like the people they see in magazines and on TV. 

In addition, you won't see the back of a woman's thighs on TV or in the movies unless it is shrouded in darkness to hide the cellulite. It is also possible to "airbrush" a video image, altering it slightly as is done in some movies. The first Sex and the City movie is a prime example of video image altering- the hands of Sarah Jessica Parker were undoubtedly altered and many allege that the facial skin of most of the characters was altered as well. Altering cellulite is a far easier task.

In most cases, however, you simply don't see the backs of their thighs because the cardinal rule in entertainment is not to turn your back to the audience.


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