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Why are Nike sneakers so popular

Updated on January 19, 2018

The start of the Swoosh

So you might think this is an easy question to answer, I mean a lot of people will say that Nike has been popular for years and that this question is a little outdated but it might come to surprise you that it was only last year that Nike took over Adidas as the worlds most popular sports brand and it has taken Nike a long time and a lot of money to get them to that spot.

This is one of the interesting things about Nike and their campaigns, if you took them at face value you would think that Nike have been at the top for years and they have always pushed out this front of being super confident and on top of the game whereas a matter of fact they were second place at best.

Nike's advertising

When it comes to adverts Nike have always been so far ahead of the competition, if a sports wear brand use a street artist Nike have done it first, if a brand uses cutting edge animation Nike have done it first, even when it come to getting sports starts to promote their brand and even though this time Nike were not first they were certainly the best at doing it, one only has to think of the Jordan brand.

Nike have employed some of the greatest advert makers over the years and they have never been sacred of pushing the boundaries, even their print adds always stand out, in particular the Classic Nike ACG print adverts which not only spawned a raft of copy cats but even a whole fashion movement it self.

Nike Air 180 from 1991

When Directors Count

Below is a Nike advert from the Nike Air 180 campaign in 1990, as you can see the trainers aren't shown off that much and the whole advert has the feel of an old B-movie and this is no mistake. Nike cleverly used cult film director David Cronenberg when producing this film, he was already well known for his work and he had Directed such classics as The Fly and Naked Lunch and even though the actual shoes were not shown that much Nike were aware that by using such a director they were engaging a different kind of audience.

Cronenberg opened up the thinking trainer wear and not just the sportsman and by using Cronenberg they a lined themselves with cult hero's of the art scene as well as with sports men and this gave the trend setting buyer the chance to buy in to the brand.

Nike Advert In Print

As well as doing some of the finest T.V adverts Nike have always been well represented in the print media and their use of bold colours and interesting subject matter has always made their adverts stand out.

Nike's use of celebrity

No one has used celebrities quite like Nike and throughout the eighties they latched on to the top sports stars and used them to popularise their sports equipment, the most famous of these is of course Micheal Jordan.

Micheal was not the only sports star they used, others of note were Andre Agassi, Carl Lewis and Tiger Woods. Each of these sports stars had their own ranges and some parts of these collections have became the most collectible Nike going, take the Agassi Fireball Tennis Shirt, they know change hand on bay for over £200.

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Andre Agassi T shirt, this collection has now built up a cult status and even though Nike re released a lot of the key pieces it did not quench the thirst for the original pieces.

Carl Lewis in the prime of his career was synonymous with Nike and he stayed an ambassador for years to come .


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    • profile image

      Grammar nazi 4 years ago

      Interesting article but The grammar drove me a little nuts

    • Saloca profile image

      Saloca 4 years ago from Liverpool, UK

      Nike know how to push their products, who doesn't know 'Just do it' ? Have to say their gear is pretty comfortable too! Interesting read!