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Why you should not ignore massage lines when applying cosmetics?

Updated on November 13, 2015

Even the most expensive and advertised creams do not always produce the desired effect on the skin. It is much easier to conclude that it is of bad quality. But in fact the cause lies in the inability to use the products correctly.

If you know how to apply the cream on the face correctly, you can avoid disappointment and increase the effectiveness. To do this, you need to adhere to certain recommendations, and most importantly - to understand the massage lines.

Why Massage lines

massage lines
massage lines

Every beautician will recommend to apply cosmetics on the face along massage lines: the so-called motion vectors, where the skin is the least susceptible to stretching. They coincide with the direction of lymph flow. If cosmetics are distributed strictly according to the massage lines, they will be more effective and the result will be obvious

The advantages of following the massage lines :

  • the skin will not be stretched and will not cause stress on collagen and elastin fibers that will cause damage
  • It minimizes formation of new wrinkles
  • It cleanses pores, prevents the formation of comedones and other lesions which can eventually lead to acne
  • It minimizes sagging and loose skins
  • It does not deepen nasolabial folds
  • It minimizes the appearance of crow's feet and sagging skin under the eyes
  • It makes the eyes look less tired, and minimizes dark circles and puffiness
  • It de-energizes with the neckline
  • It eliminates stiffness at the back of the head
  • It eliminates the double chin

Crow Feet
Crow Feet
Sagging Skin
Sagging Skin

So, it is very important to properly apply the cosmetic along the massage lines to delay aging and prolong youth and beauty of the skin.No matter what kind of cosmetic you use (moisturizing, rejuvenating, protective etc) lymphatic drainage is guaranteed, which will detoxify and regenerate tissues, filter out toxins and foreign substances, thanks to the proper massage movements

A German biologist and anatomist named Karl Langer has studied massage lines back in 1861. In a professional environment, beauticians and masseurs called these vectors lines of Langer.

Vector Lines of Langer
Vector Lines of Langer

So, if you want the cosmetics to be effective, learn how to apply the cream on the face along of the massage lines, that is, the direction of these vectors. All movements must be done strictly; they should be light, soft, and the pressure from the fingertips skin should be felt.

  • Forehead

From the center of the forehead arc vector to the middle of temples.

  • The area around the eyes

In the closed eye massage line goes from the inner to the outer corner of the eyes. After that, the arc is carried by the lower eyelid, but in the opposite direction, that is to the external border below to nose. If this is properly apply, crow's feet can be minimized

  • Nose

First line slides vertically downward from the top of the nose to the tip of the nose.Then, the cream should be applied to the wings, the horizontal line from the nose to the bottom of them and move smoothly towards the auricles.

  • Lips

Seamlessly move from the center (dimples) of the upper lip to earlobe.

  • Chin

The vector directs us to the central point of the chin to the tragus of the ear.

  • The neck and decollete

Here lines go upward. The cream is applied in the direction from the chest to the edge of the chin, then the vector should be down over the shoulders.

If you put the cream on the face and neck in line with these lines, the effectiveness will great enhanced. Light massage will help you stay young and beautiful and you do not have to go in search of new "better" cosmetic for your skin.

The lines of massage are important for health and rejuvenation. It is proven that if an incision is made along the lines,the healing will be much faster and the scar will barely noticeable

There are a few rules on how to follow when applying your creams (moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, whitening etc)

  1. Before you apply the cream, keep the jar in your hands to warm it a little bit. This will allow the nutrients to be absorbed much faster and be much more effective than the cream at room temperature. Technically speaking, the rate of absorption will be faster.
  2. If you have unwanted body hair in some areas of the body (upper lip, chin, bridge of the nose), then do not apply a nourishing cream. It will only stimulates the growth of hair. But you can use moisturizers. Remember nourishing cream penetrates deep inside the skin to nourish it.
  3. It is important to know how much cream should be applied to the face, not too much nor too little.The amount will depend on the type of the epidermis: Dry absorbs more than fat. Use your fingertips to apply the cream and stop when you feel the fingers ceases to slide over the skin.
  4. Do not apply product on damp faces. After washing the face, ensure that the skin is pat dry.
  5. Do not apply the usual cream to nourish and rejuvenate the skin around the eyes. This will lead to its rapid fading and aging. Use only cream that is meant for crow's feet.

These are the general rules and guidelines to ensure a maximum efficiency of the creams. However, there are a wide range of cosmetics available on the market nowadays. The specific approach may differ from one product to the other as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

Remember : Creams that include vitamins A and E (retinol and tocopherol), in particular, enhance the growth of unwanted facial hair.

When to use Nourishing cream or Moisturizing cream?

When choosing a cream for skin care, it is necessary to correctly determine what and when it can be applied. Day and night, nourishing and moisturizing - all these agents have different properties and effects. Before choosing a cream, it is recommended to consult a professional beautician

Many people believe that nourishing and moisturizing creams are the same thing. After starting to use the wrong type of cream, the desired effect is not obtained and instead the skin becomes rough, loses its shines and silkiness. Why is this happening?This is due to the fact that a nourishing cream and a moisturizer are different in the characteristics and purpose.

Nourishing Creams

Nourishing creams consistency are fatter and thick, its main function is to saturate the skin variety of nutrients, including vitamins, oils, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and many others. The skin surface often looks tired and faded and to restore a healthy and youthful appearance, it is necessary to give the skin special nutritional cosmetics. Most often, such compositions are for more mature skin, as from twenty-five years, when it is "starved." Nourishing cream is applied only for the night, 23 o'clock at night, when the skin absorbs all the useful material for her best. The nutrients penetrates deeply inside the skin unlike moisturizers

These nutrients contains active biogenic agents, plant extracts and juices, hormones, salts, trace elements necessary for the normalization of the skin.

Moisturizing Creams

Moisturizers are significantly different from nutrients. Basically a moisturizer contains emollients and stays on the skin, protecting the skin from external agents. They can be used in winter, when the surface of the skin needs to be protected from the cold or changes in temperature or drying. They are recommended for very dry, sensitive, young skin as well as skin which suffers from eczema and psoriasis. They can also be used on babies as well as adults.

If you follow these recommendations while using the correct cream, you do not have to wait long to have the desired effect. A lymphatic drainage massage will further help you skin to return to it former elasticity and youthfulness.


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