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Why do people cosplay?

Updated on August 4, 2014
Jack Sparrow cosplayer in Chicago at Anime Midwest 2013.
Jack Sparrow cosplayer in Chicago at Anime Midwest 2013. | Source
"Everyone has a movie character or role they love. This aspect makes it ideal for nearly anyone to take on this art. Taste and likes may be different and everyone can take on the persona that more preferable and comfortable to them."

Why people like to cosplay.

Cosplay, which is short for Costume Play refers to the act of individuals dressing up in costumes to resemble a superhero, a video game character, a comic book character, or a movie character. The exploration of cosplay become popular around the same time anime and manga was also picking up in the market. Over the years, it is gaining more and more popularity to the extent that there is currently a television show on costume play.

This aspect is much more than just dressing up. The individuals who take their time to cosplay also get into character. Simply put, you can picture all your super heroes or childhood favorite characters being taken up seriously by individuals to the smallest detail. This is not restricted to a given age group. Anyone is welcome to fit in. it is all about passion.

Keep in mind that cosplay is not the same as live action roleplay (LARP). They may have the similarity of dressing up in costumes but live action role playing involves the incorporation of acting the role of the given character.

Any individual who is up to it can cosplay. Cosplayers can be found at any of the hundreds of comic conventions. These conventions allow cosplayers to showcase themselves at in front of fans who will recognize their characters. Some of the well known conventions include San Diego Comic Con and the New York Comic Con. The notion that this is a geek culture is out of context. You will find anyone at this conventions and not just geeks or nerds.

This aspect is found to be out of place or weird for some people. So, why do people cosplay? You can start by attending a comic convention at your neighborhood before venturing into the international conventions. Different people do it for different reasons. The following are reasons why individuals find reason to actively take on costume playing.

It is fun.

Costume play is just like any other hobby you may have. This is one of the major reasons individuals cosplay. It is fun to do it and people who love to do this may meet in conventions to express it. Others just get into costume to experience what others love. It provides an experience that is to remember. You do not have to worry about anything or anyone and the best part is that you just get into character and let it be.

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Interacting and having fun.

Photo of cosplayers interacting with a Slenderman costume.
Photo of cosplayers interacting with a Slenderman costume. | Source

For connecting to characters you love.

Everyone has a movie character or role they love. This aspect makes it ideal for right about anyone to take on this art. Taste and likes may be different and everyone can take on what is more preferable and comfortable to them. Just like you would love to watch these various characters on television for your entertainment, others take it that it is equally as entertaining to dress up just like their favorite characters. You in turn become entertainment not just for you but for others who love the character but did not gather the courage to dress up. Imagine dressing up like batman... it is definitely an attraction that many would love to see.

For the attention.

Attention seekers also get into character. You will definitely notice someone dressed as batman walking down a street. The attention is rather fulfilling for many costume players. They will normally get positive attention from fans of the character they take on. Sometimes individual think that it is geekish and despite their love for a character, they will not be found dead in a costume. This is a debatable argument and it takes more than a geek to pull a character at its best.

Everything about cosplay is unique in its own way. It's nothing like Halloween where people dress up just to act goofy. Individuals will spend lots of money to get everything just right. While others may buy a simple costume from the stores and simply wear, others will get into detail and invest in not only building a costume but also makes plans to have all necessary accessories as well that go with the costume. In reference to batman, some individuals may add on to the costume and even get the bat mobile (bat man's look alike vehicle) as well as the gadgets that go with the costume. Nothing will stop costume players. The hobby is an art that is priceless.

Even with the right reasons for taking on costume play, there have been controversies and scandals about cosplay. This has mostly come with women taking on costumes that raise concerns. The comics or movie characters taken on by women kind of exaggerate the physical appearance and they will mostly depict sexual poses that are not too comfortable for the entire population. This aspect is rather disturbing for women who would love to costume play. Though there may be disturbing costumes for the men, the perception on the women seems to grab more attention.

Cosplay also has some individuals who mock this art. They will post images and mock the individuals wearing the costumes. They tend to discourage costume players and they diminish their belief with the hope of killing their morale. There are however measures in place to help stop this kind of bullying. Movements have been formed to help protect all members who fancy costume playing.

You will definitely notice that there are different degrees of devotion in this field. You will see individuals in spandex, capes and metal. The motivation to do this is out of this world. Just like it would take passion to express a feeling, so does cosplay. You will notice that at conventions, there are times or nights when individuals compete for best costume. The individuals who compete do not only showoff to other cosplay lovers but also to judges who will also award them. You may be doing it for fun, entertainment, out of curiosity or just to seek recognition, your source of motivation plays a big role in cosplay. For different reasons, you get to experience the true reflection of cosplay as a unit. Satisfy that urge and experience the cosplay momentum buildup.

If you want to share with others, you can join a community website like

Cosplay Lip Dubs - People doing it for fun.


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    • trodeback profile image

      Trodeback 6 months ago from Ellensburg, WA

      I love to see my favorite video game and movie characters being brought to life. It's amazing seeing the talent others have in creating costumes.