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Leather: Protection through the Ages: Gloves to Shoes to Headwear

Updated on August 30, 2011
The difference between woolly and leather gloves at speed!
The difference between woolly and leather gloves at speed!

Why Your Leather Gloves Last Longer Than Your Woolly Ones

This is because of a process called tanning. Tanning means that your motorcycle gloves don't disintegrate when you are howling down the highway at 90mph (oops, sorry, I mean the speed limit!) Generally speaking, the skins of animals (after all, that is what leather is) decompose; but after tanning, they will last a considerable time longer. No, it doesn't mean that your gloves will look sunburnt after that ride through the desert. It will mean that your hands remain warm, protected and if your gloves turn orange, then you are going too fast! Now, just because it is leather does not guarantee your protection. Once again it depends on how the leather has been treated and how fast you like to travel.

The oldest shoe in the world, found 2010 in a cave in Armenia (looks very similar to my slippers!)
The oldest shoe in the world, found 2010 in a cave in Armenia (looks very similar to my slippers!) | Source

From One Extremity to the Other...

"These boots are made for walkin' ", so famously sung by Nancy Sinatra. How true! Since leather shoes were worn in ancient times, to the marvel of modern man finding the ultimate in shoe fashion; the shoe must provide comfort for many miles. To do the job, and look good at the same time is like solving two problems with the same action ie walking! Shoes are made of leather, unless you come from Holland, where they are made of wood and called clogs. Or Japan where you will wear high wooden sandals, bearing in mind, you must "shuffle" in order to move at some speed. Cowboy boots "are made for wearin' " in Australia and the USA and if you do the rodeo circuit they are easy to lock into the stirrups, so you don't fall off your mount. And then there are sandals (leather) which can be worn in just about every country in the world, as long as the sun is out and the ground is warm.

Take at look at these beautiful shoes to the right. They have survived the absolute true test of time!

"Old hat!"
"Old hat!" | Source

...and Protection For Your Head.

Prehistoric people wrapped animal skins around their bodies for warmth. They also realized that covering the head would be an added advantage to protect against the elements, or a falling rock, or a warriors club, for the most important part of the body. It has been said that the majority of body heat is lost through the top of the head, so keeping that part of the anatomy covered is sensible. Head coverings were protection when early man tripped and fell; hence the saying "falling head over heels " for someone! No, I really don't know about that, but you can well imagine, that if your head and feet were covered, then the action of falling over would surely minimize injury!

Anyway the idea of wearing a "Hat" (not sure when the term was invented) soon caught on very quickly and people all over the world began doing it. Then it became fashionable. A very noticeable accessory was born because when you look at someone, you can't help but notice their hat!

So, the hat will never die; as long as we keep "falling head over heels"!


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    • ian contacts profile image

      ian contacts 6 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      It should last for another 7 years. Look after it.