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Why is an Ankle Bracelet so Mysterious?

Updated on September 5, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Making an Ankle Bracelet

Would You Like to Talk About

an anklet, also called ankle chain, ankle bracelet or ankle string? It is an ornament worn around the ankle. Barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn for at least over 8000 years by women in South Asia, where it is commonly known as pattilu, payal and sometimes as nupur. They have also been worn by Egyptian women since predynastic times. In the United States both casual and more formal anklets became fashionable from the 1930s to the late–20th century.

Without forming a harsh comment, I can say that we have accepted nose, ear, toe, belly, and neck rings and with a lot of tolerance by yours truly and the nation of America. Come on, people! Smile on your elbow ring! “Every-body get together and wear body rings—right now. “ Ahhh, I just find myself these days wondering if Jesse Colin Young (of the Young Bloods) ever wore a ear ring when the band was touring? Probably not, but the Young Bloods and all of their sort wore their own insignia of rebellion just like hippies in the 60’s did when they donned flower necklaces and gave away flowers to the innocent bystanders.

What I am about to say may stun some of you, but I have been sitting here in my living room searching for just the right collection of sharp words to say for (your) pleasure so I will not be looking like a bank robber in the Old West. So here goes: For the life of me, how can a guy find beauty when he looks at his girlfriend’s (or wife) ankle bracelet?

There has to be trick to it. I mean, I am 65 (told you that many times) and for the life of me, I simply cannot bend over and twist my head to that certain ankle to enjoy my wife’s ankles. She does not wear ankle bracelets, but she loves wrist bracelets and they look great. Me? Nope. Nawww, Get out! Expressions that I could say to people today who preach that I need to wear some type of ring in order to feel like a virile man in his early 60’s his veins just flowing with testosterone and women, married or single, look at me the first time and ask to take me to dinner. Nope! Naaaw! Get out! I am not in any shape to do anything like that—ring or not,

A Nice-Looking Ankle Bracelet


As You Will See

on the hub you are reading, the ankle bracelet photos that I chose in order for your interest and to understand the point that I have made as to are there any guys who think that rings put in certain places, say, the elbows, are they pretty? I did say elbows. I hear that these rings are a big hit toward the state of Michigan, Detroit, to be exact. Me? Nope. Naaw! Get out! I am doing my best to contain my own image, weight, wardrobe and food choices that say, “My name is Ken Avery. I am overweight, sleep too much and forget about heavy exercise!” No way in creation will I be put through the misery of being laid on a table like side of bacon to let a tattoo artist, “Don Q.,” insert a spine ring guaranteed to make every woman swoon upon seeing the ring shine in the sun.

How much do I give “Don?” Pardon me for laughing. Nope! Naaaw! Get out! I simply cannot see me putting myself though such a grinder only to be laughed at. You see. I have lived every year of my 65 years in the same town, county and state: Alabama. The Heart of Dixie. Loaded with rural folks who live in northwest Alabama. But I will not name the counties or cities where folks like me reside. I have learned this one fact about the south: people are people. No one is perfect or will ever know perfection in THIS life, so why fret and worry physically and mentally when the battle has been fought and won long before we went to war.

(Break time. I am stepping away long enough to enjoy a Hershey’s bar).

(I’m back. Time for a big finish.)

Sneakers and Ankle Bracelet? Yes. For Sure


Benefits of Wearing an Ankle Bracelet

  • Magnetic therapy has been used for years to help alleviate pain, and improve blood circulation. Also reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and enhance overall balance and mood.

  • In the case of a single magnetic bracelet or anklet, it makes sense to begin wearing it on the affected side first. ... This can help to explain why a magnetic anklet or magnetic insoles or a magnetic knee wrap can sometimes have a greater impact than a magnetic bracelet in the legs, knees, ankles, and feet.

Does Ankle Bracelets Have Disadvantages

  • While they're generally safe, the NCCIH warns that magnetic devices can be dangerous for certain people. They caution against using them if you also use a pacemaker or insulin pump, as they might cause interference.

  • According to the vast majority of research, the answer is no. Davis’ assertions and a 1976 study Trusted Source have been largely disproven, and there’s little to no evidence that magnetic bracelets have any future in pain management.


So For The Most-Serious Question

Do guys in 2019, consider an ankle bracelet to be attractive or annoying?

  • A group of women from all professional positions had a group study about if an ankle bracelet looks good for a woman or just annoying and you will probably be shocked by their answer: As a hobby I make jewelry. I don't sell my jewelry, I give it away to my best friends and to women I meet at the places I hang out. A lot of people really enjoy my jewelry and can't wait until I have something to give out. One of the most popular item is I make is an ankle bracelet. Most women love it but some are really put off about ankle bracelets. Some women seem to be scared or have some negative feelings about an ankle bracelet.

So, as the political pollsters used to say, all of the votes are in, as it were. And as for if “I” think that a woman is more-beautiful if she wears a pretty ankle bracelet or just a nuisance? Honestly, I can go either way, a woman is pretty all of the time, but I cannot think of her to be beautiful if she starts to wearing a log chain around her neck just because some posh magazine editor said so.

September 4, 2019______________________________________________


© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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    • DreamerMeg profile image


      5 weeks ago from Northern Ireland

      The first time I saw an ankle bracelet was many years ago in work. It was worn by a very pretty popular woman, who was also in for promotion along with an awful lot of others. She got the promotion, all the others were devastated. Whether she got it because of the bracelet, who knows? I must leave you to draw your own conclusions on that.

    • moonlake profile image


      2 months ago from America

      I wore ankle bracelet when I was a teen and up to maybe 6 years ago. I always loved the way they look with flip flops. My husband also liked them on me.

      I still have many in my jewelry box.

      There is no mystery to them just something women like to wear. Women and girls like to wear toe rings now days.

      Interesting hub.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      2 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      There's nothing at all mysterious about ankle bracelets. They are just another item of jewelry, worn by those who like them and choose to wear them.

      As with pretty much anything else, IMHO, ankle bracelets can be pretty, attractive and in some cases, I suppose they can be considered sexy. The latter I'll bet, depends upon the female wearing it, her physical attributes, overall fashion sense and oh-by-the-way.....she probably has very gorgeous legs?

      In cultures that love jewels and gems and adorning themselves with tons of bangles, the anklet is as common as it is for us to wear a wrist watch.

      In my younger days, I wore an anklet every now & then during warm months, when our legs have more exposure. Now? Well, maybe we won't go there. I'll just say that I feel it an accomplishment to bend long enough to tie my shoes. Peace, Paula

    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie Marie 

      2 months ago from Baltimore, MD

      I am not going to lie... I am confused about ankle bracelets. Are they supposed to be sexy? Cute? Trendy? I don’t know. Thank you for bringing it up. I thought I was the only one perplexed by them.


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