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Why is it Important to Choose a Good Shoe?

Updated on April 19, 2012
Sometimes for comfort, shoes should become your feet!
Sometimes for comfort, shoes should become your feet! | Source

Shoes are designed to make your walking comfortable, and definitely not to turn you into a cripple. That is exactly what you would want to do when you pick up your next pair, get shoes that are comfortable and of the right size.

Finding your feet size is not that much of a monstrous or confusing task. You could get your feet size right by following the instructions as mentioned in this shoe size finding article. It is advisable that you go about measuring your feet in the mornings, rather than wait till evening, by when your legs are all tired and swollen from your daily grind. Whilst finding your feet size, try to incorporate the extra space that your socks would occupy, your socks could at sometimes play villain in your picking a shoe which appeared the right fit while you tried it, but turned out all tightened up and uncomfortable at a later date.

Unless your work requires you to wear narrow high heeled shoes, and the like, it would be wise to buy shoes that are wide enough to accommodate your feet comfortably. Not to mention the availability of narrow shoes that has sufficient width. You would know you are wearing the wrong pair of shoes when pain makes an appearance. Than all the stylish appearance narrow shoes project, wearing them can be a painful experience. Wearing them for a few minutes to make an impression is one thing, and wearing them for a lengthy eight to ten hours, is something else.

Hammer toes is something to be concerned of, it is a very painful condition that is a result of wearing tight fitting shoes. Tight fitting shoes forces your toes into an uncomfortably bent position, most often seen while wearing very narrow shoes, or shoes that are too short for the feet, and especially while wearing very high heels. The strain the muscles of the toes endure, in such a shortening posture, causes hammer toes to form. Hammer toes are also seen amongst cases of foot problems like bunions, often not directly associated with the shoes one wears, but due to a natural deformity, which at times could be genetic too.

Treatment for hammer toes is often advice to wear comfortable shoes with enough toe space, along with physical therapy, unless the condition is not that worse where orthopedic surgery becomes necessary.

Hence, picking the most comfortable shoes which is neither tight fitting nor loose fitting is an important task. Your walking style could take a beating with wearing ill fitting shoes that happen to be too big for your feet.

With all the required tools available freely on the internet for you to make a thoughtful selection, all that you would be required of, is to spend a few minutes of quality time in identifying the right resources, the right online shoe store, and thus make a choice of the right shoe that meets your style and comfort, all while sitting in the cozy comfort of your home. Happy online shoe shopping!

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