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Why is your hair thinning?

Updated on December 5, 2015

Why Are You Losing Hair?

Although being bald or having thinning hair is very common these days, it still can be very embarrassing. There are many reasons why people loss their hair, some are very simple answers that have easy solutions and some are a little more complex and harder to find solutions. You may need to consult a doctor to help diagnose your hair loss issues.

Alopecia Areata may be several spots and even just one small patch .Most of the time caused by severe stress or the immune system attacking the hair follicle. It is pretty common and the hair comes back rather quickly. The easiest way to help is a balanced diet and find ways to relieve stress.

Androgentic Alopecia(heredity) is also called male pattern baldness in which the hair does not grow back over time. Occasionally this type of hair loss can be attributed to severe reactions to medicine or diseases most or the time is all comes down to good old genetics. Most common help for this is a hair transplant performed by a doctor, but you can also choose to only slow the process down. There are also a few new prescribed medications as opposed to using topical solutions such as Rogaine.

Some illnesses such as Lupus, Hypothyroidism, PCOS, and Iron Deficiencies also be the reason your flowing locks have been less luxurious. Seeing a doctor will better help you with solutions on how to treat your thinning hair. There are many medicines and topical creams used to treat the different symptoms. You may have to see a dermatologist if Lupus is causing scalp damage or irritation.

The last and most simple of the reasons is over processing or over styling. As a stylist I see many of these all to often. Over styling can be remedied by get regular trims on the hair and using less heat or no heat at all if possible. You should not be using a flat iron or curling iron near or above 400 degrees. Use a lower heat setting and take smaller sections. If your hair is over processed you may want to take a break from coloring it. If you do it yourself I advise not using box color but see a stylist or go to Sally's where you know exactly what you are getting. You may be coloring/ relaxing/ perming to often.

Over using heat can damage and dry out the hair causing the ends to snap and break the hair.
Over using heat can damage and dry out the hair causing the ends to snap and break the hair.

If you are positive your thinning hair is not a medical issue I suggest seeing a licensed hair stylist if you need any tips and tricks for healthier hair. Stop in for a trim or some salons may let you do just a consultation for a small fee. A good scalp massage with an essential oil such as coconut, castor, or tea tree should help. Scalp massage stimulates the blood flow to the scalp helping hair grow and the essential oils also help promote growth. The less amount of heat you are using the better your hair will be.

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