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Men's Watches and Their Importance in a Modern Era

Updated on April 22, 2015

Why Do I Need a Watch?

It seems like an obvious question with an obvious answer. Why would I buy a watch when I have a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop etc. etc.? If I want to know what time it is all i need to do is pull out my cell phone and I can tell you what time it is. I can even tell you the exact time it is in China if you want!

While certainly, your cell phone can tell you what time it is, what the weather is like and can even talk back to you when you're lonely, a cell phone does not have the class, the comfort and security or even the sense of mechanical wonder that a well crafted timepiece can bring to the table.

Owning a nice watch is so much more than just knowing what time it is whenever you want. It can be an affluent accent, a completion piece to male confidence, an attention grabber or a priceless heirloom. A watch is not only a time teller, it can also be a modern day work of art, a magnificent piece of craftsmanship and an invaluable asset that you can take anywhere in the world with you.

This Jorg Gray JG6500 watch is worn by both the United States Secret Service and the President  of the United States - Barack Obama.
This Jorg Gray JG6500 watch is worn by both the United States Secret Service and the President of the United States - Barack Obama.

Make a Statement

A nice watch doesn't have to be extravagant. (Unless of course that is what you are going for.) Take for example the President of the United States, Barack Obama. He was gifted this Jorg Gray JG6500 by the secret service. He has worn this watch through major milestones of his presidency. It doesn't scream I have power, like you might expect from arguably the most powerful man on earth. Instead it fits as a light accent that seems to say my time is valuable. Total cost $395 American.

Watches are one of the universally accepted forms of male jewelry. They can accent, emphasize or down right make a statement about the wearer. A Rolex for example can often make a statement of luxury and comfort. Something that says a lot about the person and their current financial access. However a Devon Tread belt driven watch, that often times can rival the price of a Rolex, has a completely different statement. These almost steam punk themed watches are not only inventive but also quite appealing. Outside the norm of standard time pieces, these watches seem to say I am different and interesting. Another form of watch that may be a focal point, or a conversation piece may be a skeleton watch. Which allows people to view the inner workings of the crafted timepiece. A pure pleasure for those who enjoy watching functional craftsmanship and beauty merge in a single instance. When it comes to buying a timepiece you must ask yourself, what statement do I want to make and how will the world perceive this statement?

Rolex - Platinum Rolex Daytona Basel
Rolex - Platinum Rolex Daytona Basel
Devon - Tread 1 Steampunk
Devon - Tread 1 Steampunk
Skeleton Watch
Skeleton Watch

Showing the World

One of the great benefits to having an interesting timepiece is conversation and recognition. By wearing a timepiece you create opportunity to interact with others, your statement about yourself goes out to the world. For example, lets say that you are not particularly amazing with the opposite sex and aren't too great at approaching and beginning a conversation. You create an opportunity for a woman to initiate the conversation, or compliment you on your style, simply by wearing your watch. Or perhaps you have a dead moment in a business meeting with potential customers, when they comment on your interesting watch. Maybe you wish to purvey a sense of accomplishment to your peers or your family, a beautiful watch says a lot about the success you've had so far in your life and the successes you are going to have. The opportunities are there to not only make a statement but to create an entire conversation about your new timepiece, who you are and what you've done.


Watches also make fantastic gifts for the people who are closest to us. At a graduation or a wedding ceremony for instance. Keep In mind that just because a watch may cost $25,000, it doesn't necessarily mean it's the watch everyone should have. For instance my most prized watch is the gold watch my grandfather received for retiring from the Ford Motor Company. I only wear it on special occasions or if I'm heading to the casino for good luck. A watch is something that you can pass down from generation to generation and sentimental value is often times more valuable than any price that could be named. A good time piece will last and continually give satisfaction to all those who experience it.

In closing, a watch is so much more than just simply a way to tell time. It is a message, a statement, an essential asset and accent to the wearer. When it comes time for you to put yourself out in the world, what type of message do you want to send to those around you? To me, time is the ultimate master of men. Given enough time we could do anything and everything. Unfortunately time is a limited resource for everyone, how important is your time and how will you convey that importance?


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    • Taranwanderer profile image

      Taranwanderer 3 years ago

      Wow - where can I get that Steampunk watch lol? If it's not being made, I really think some company ought to get right on it - I know plenty of my friends would buy one.