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Why to Buy Silver Jewelry ? Why Silver Jewelry Is More Popular Than Gold

Updated on February 8, 2015
silver jewelery images
silver jewelery images

Silver Jewelry Rules the Market

The burning price of gold can be ignored for a while. The new models of silver ornaments are available in a wide range ranging from simple look ornaments to heavy designs; that too at affordable rates. The making charge alone of gold ornaments can buy you a set of super design silver ornaments.

What is Latest trends in Silver Jewelry :

People prefer simple, medium type designs to heavy ones. Do you prefer to wear silver for marriage and parties? You can easily find heavy silver ornaments that jell well with the situation.

College students are most fond of silver ornaments. The main draw is that they can afford to buy trendy ornaments with the pocket money they have. Youth is after antique finishing pendant sets, lately. If you have one chain, you can change the pendant from time to time. They don’t hesitate to exchange old ornaments for new ones too. Teenagers are fond of bracelets and thin chains where as housewives are after studs.

Necklace, stud, hanging earrings, bracelet, pendant, rings, anklets—you can find classy silver ornaments to satisfy all purposes.

Silver ornaments can impart the majesty of diamond ornaments. You needn’t be bothered about robbery too. Also, there is no loss while selling silver. Only the making charge and tax will be negated. Pure silver will get the up-to-date price. Almost all designs done in gold can be done in silver as well.

Tips for buying Silver Jewelry

Stoned ornaments will be expensive. While you sell them, you won’t get the price of the stone too. Hand made works are free of making charge. Hence we will encounter no loss while selling them. Even though heavy design ornaments look elegant, we will loose the making charge while selling. Check out if the stones have been closed set like the diamond stones. Closed setting prevents the stone from coming off.

After using, clean the silver ornaments with soft cotton or flannel clothes. Don’t use any artificial stuff to cleanse the ornaments. If the ornaments have complicated designs on them, kid’s toothbrush can be used to clean them. Keep the ornaments always in a plastic cover. Avoid contacts with chemicals. See to it that body spray, deodorant, soap etc. don’t come in contact with the ornaments. Faded ornaments can be given for rhodium polishing. The polishing expense depends upon the design’s complexity.


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