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Why Do Women Wears Makeup?

Updated on August 13, 2017

Did you know that the first cosmetic is from the ancient Egypt at about 12,000 years ago? Also the first cosmetic is made up from Lead and Copper. They even use some burned things to use as a darkener to their eyes, use some fruits that can make their lips red, and do some crazy things to make their skin pale. So as you can see women's health condition at the past years thru wearing makeup is at risk.

A Quick Question

What is the first makeup product you use?

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But why do women wear makeup?

They have different explanation on these questions, some of them are just for fun or some of them need to wear. But some of the answers will shock you. Here is some more deep explanation about it:

-First things first, they wear it because they need to hide something that they didn't want to be shown up. Like dark under eyes, redness of their face, acnes and pimples, bad coloration of their face, pores, veins, blackheads, whiteheads and many more. They use makeup to cover those things up, because maybe they are tired to hear some peoples bad comments about it. I also think that when you discover the power of concealers and foundation, if you are women you are going to use it too, because to be honest, it helps you a lot, with a dab of it the imperfections on your face disappears. Also they are many types of that product, if you want a light weight products on your face you'll going to buy a more runny consistency makeup, and if you want a high coverage makeup you'll going to use more creamy consistency.

-They also use makeup to make a temporary change to their faces. Example, if they don't want to get their faces done to a surgery they'll just use some contours and highlights to get the effect that they want. Also, if they are afraid of those big needles that will go unto their faces, they will probably stick to some contour sticks and bronzers that are lying on the shelves of a store.

-It's an art. Some women treat makeup as an art, because it's way too colorful. They can mix many colors to do their eye makeup. They can add different designs to their lip colors. They can add many highlights as much as they can. They can use many tools to create more beautiful effects, so basically, they are just like painting not on canvas but on their face and it's actually fun. Also some of the makeup pros tend to imitate someone’s face, like Kim Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, or Jennifer Lopez.

-They also use it to boost their confidence. Because when you look good, you also feel good. So when you look and feel good, you're not afraid to be seen by many people around you. So when you're not afraid to seen by many people, you tend to perform good and faster. In that case you can get many promotions or awards. And when you get it, don't forget to thank your makeup.

-It let you shows every version of you. Example, you're feeling happy today so you'll going to wear more bright makeup, and if you're feeling "leave me alone" day you'll going to wear more of a dark tone makeup. Also, they say that if you're wearing a red lipstick you're on a sexy mood, and if you're wearing a nude lipstick it's just your normal or rest day.

-To impress someone. Some women use makeup to impress other people. Like if they want a man they want to impress him obviously, so they will use many makeups as they can to look beautiful. But there are some women that will go to a more of a natural look, yet it is your choice on what you’ll actually do. As long as you’re not going to hurt yourself just to impress a man. But sometimes not only that man is you want to impress, you also want to impress some other girls.

BONUS! What are the kinds of makeup?

These are just some of the basic makeup that is needed to put on your face, when you’re doing your makeup. Also the way that I write the product is also the consecutive steps to put on your face.

  1. Primer - Actually it's your choice if you're putting primer on, but I recommend you to use it. What does the primer does? There are different kinds of primer like pore filler, oil control, and many more. But basically it just smoothen your face before you apply your foundation.
  2. Foundation - There is also a different types of foundations, you can pick on what consistency do you like. But on this part of makeup you need to choose the color that fits to the color on your face as much as possible, because this will be your base.
  3. Concealers - Concealers is suppose to cover the spots that you want to cover more, and you can also use concealers to cover your dark under eye. When choosing concealers I prefer to buy a lighter shade than my skin color, because it makes your skin brighter and healthier.
  4. Powder - There are two types of powder that you can choose from, it's either loose powder or compact powder. If you have an oily skin I prefer you to use a matte loose one, but if you have a normal skin it's okay to use either or the two. But again on what I said earlier you can choose on what you prefer most.
  5. Eyebrow products - This is the part on makeup that I think you'll struggle. Because to get a perfect eyebrow takes a lot of practice and time. Also you need to use the right products to do on what eyebrow you would like. The products to use on your eyebrows are either a pencil, powder, or pomade and set it with eyebrow mascara. But if you have a great eyebrow you don't need to struggle with these products to make you look beautiful, so don't waste any strand of your eyebrow.
  6. Eye shadow - This is where the fun starts! Because in this part you can mix many colors as you can to create the eye shadow that you want. You can also play many kinds of eye shadows, and tools.
  7. Eyeliner and Mascara - This is the other part of makeup that you'll also struggle. Because again it takes a lot of practice and time. Like to make your eyeliner straight and make your mascara from roots to end is a lot of struggle.
  8. Blush - Blush is important to put on your face. Because it gives color to your face, and it makes you look healthier and alive.
  9. Lipstick - This is where the makeup ends. Lipstick has a big selection of shades and kinds, and you'll choose on what shade is the best fits on your eye shadow color. Also lipstick has a consistency (obviously), there's the matte and the glossy one. If you want to moisturize your lips a bit you'll go to the glossy one, but if you want a more bold color on your lip it's better to use the mattes.

So that is it! I hope you learn a lot from this. Also, always remember that don't be afraid to put some makeup, because it is your choice. But if you put makeup on, do not forget to take it off at the end of the day. So your skin will be happy like you! Thank you!

(Credits to Missy, my sister for writing this article)

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