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Reasons Why You Should ALWAYS Wash Your Face With Cold Water

Updated on January 17, 2011

Our skin NATURALLY produces oil that moisturizes itself. This oil is very important and should not be removed.

When you wash your face with a facial cleanser by using hot or even warm water, you are opening up your facial pores and this causes the cleanser to OVER-CLEANSE.

That’s right. Your cleanser would not only remove the surface dirt, it would also get rid of this natural oil that your face NEEDS.

The job of a facial cleanser is to ONLY cleanse the SURFACE of your face. If it does anything more than that, dryness and flakiness WILL OCCUR.

The scariest thing about dryness is that when your skin is dry and flaky, acne becomes easier to get! But when your skin is properly moisturized, the healing of your skin speeds up!

Now, when you wash your face with cool or cold water, your pores stay the way they are supposed to be and this allows your cleanser to cleanse only the surface of the skin. But I must admit. I have used cleansers in the past that STILL dried my skin even when I used cold water. Now those cleansers were indeed terrible (The brands were Kiehls, Cetaphil, Neutrogena, Proactiv, and some others).

There are two more benefits of washing your face with cold water:

1. When cold water is applied on the skin, it arouses and stimulates circulation all over the system. Cold water is able to literally wake up the lazy blood cells that are being inactive in the stagnant blood stream and tell them to start getting active and move faster. This means healing would also speed up.

Not only should you wash your face with cold water, you can also try showering with cold water once a while. This can be done easier in the summer though. It has been proven that showering with cold water is able to strengthen ones body.

2. As the cold water stimulates the blood cells in your system, it flushes the capillaries in the tissues and CLEANSES them from the build-up of waste matter and poisons, which can cause acne and other health problems.

Wait! There’s more! When the blood rushes back to the surface, it suffuses your skin, opens up and relaxes your pores and through this process, impurities are released through the skin.

Showering with cold water might be a bit hard for most of you, but washing your face with cold water can definitely be done by all of us.

Personally, it was hard for me to wash my face with cold water at first. But then I got used to it. Now I even use cold water during the winter and I am perfectly fine with it. It is refreshing and most importantly, it helps our skin. So why not?

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    • profile image

      Stacy 5 years ago

      Six months ago, my face broke out with pus filled acne. I used

      hot or warm water, Proactin,

      Neutrogena. These products

      dried out my skin and more acne.

      My water heater went out

      two weeks ago, forcing

      me to use cold water. I'm

      now using Aveedo and cold

      water. There's virtually no

      acne. My skin is glowing

      and looks moisturized.

    • profile image

      Eno 5 years ago

      So....what's the right advice?

    • profile image

      awww 6 years ago

      oh, please do proper research when advising these kind of things, your giving wrong advice to your readers