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Wigs; Why? And Why Not?

Updated on July 4, 2016

Why And When To Wear Wigs

So now you're wearing a wig. Why? Well maybe it was a different color then your natural hair, a style that's just gone out of style, or was a tad more curly then what you normally have; whatever the reason, you chose a wig. Was it a good choice? You may have noticed a few strange looks passed your way. Well, don't feel awkward; they're just curious. They want to know why you chose it.

Maybe you chose a wig because it's just so fun. Or it could make you feel closer to who you really are. Some people can't grow hair. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't feel beautiful. You could be like me. My hair doesn't curl. And I've always loved the color blue, but I could never get it that color. And since a good perm costs a lot and doesn't last more then a few months, I went and bought the most beautiful wig in the world.

I wear it all the time. Just because I love it.

So why do you wear your wig? And what about all those other people? Like in history?

The History Of Wigs

From Duchess To 'El General'

From the heights of the castle ballrooms to the lowlands of the battlefields; from the judges serving kings to the criminals in the dungeons, wigs have brought cultures together. Savages on little islands would build headdresses to trade with the settlers. People raised swans and beautiful peacocks for their feathers. Back when giant hats were the style of the era, wigs had already moved in first.

Generals wore wigs to make themselves look older (the opposite today with toupees.) When there were big gathering and parties the women would go fix their make-up and the men would powder their wigs.

They used starches and dyes to make the powders different colors; blue powder, pink powder.

It was the peak of society.

In our society people shun others that're not just like themselves. But people are diverse and that's what makes us individuals. Each country has many different kinds of peoples and cultures.

So whether hip, show girl or Duchess we all have our own type of beautiful. Don't be afraid of being yourself. In the past they weren't afraid and neither should we be now.

This is our society. And it's all so beautifully different.

If you like wearing wigs, then do it. There's no reason not to. It just makes you who you are.

And just because you're hair is fake doesn't mean your heart is. So if someone calls you fake don't take it as an insult, it just means you're living a fairytale. And that's a good thing.

And who knows, maybe wigs will become the style again.

How many people like wearing wigs?

Do you like wearing wigs?

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