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Winter Blues Dry Skin Care

Updated on January 30, 2015

Winter Time Skin Care


Winter Drying Out Your Skin

Winter time isn't exactly a time of great joy for your skin. Admittedly the holiday season holds quite a bit of enjoyment and family time but the rest of winter? Forget it! It's like a frozen miserable wasteland that you can't wait for the end of. Freezing walks with the dog, employee parking the back so you have to walk seemingly a mile to your place of business in the tundra, and getting what I call: freeze dried face just makes winter nearly unbearable. I can't offer much advice on if you have a dog in the cold climate or if your work place makes you walk in the tundra, but I can offer some advice on what to do to treat your freeze dried face!

How To Identify If You Have Dry Skin

Here are some indicators if you have dry skin if you aren't sure:

  • itchy skin
  • flaking skin
  • redness in skin
  • rough skin

Avon Elements Moisturizing Cream Cleanser

Elements Moisturizing Cream Cleanser
Elements Moisturizing Cream Cleanser | Source

Dry Skin Routine Cleanser Suggestion From Cole Makeup Artistry's Esthetician

Cleanser Recommendation:

Avon Elements Moisturizing Cream Cleanser

Honestly I really love the Avon Elements Moisturizing Cream Cleanser for winter use! It's such a soft, silky feeling cleanser that I wish I could take a bath in it! Okay, maybe not to that extent, but it is very smooth and soft like cuddling your skin up against a silk shirt. Some key ingredients in the Avon Elements Moisturizing Cream Cleanser are: papaya and alipnum flower and leaves. The smell to this cleanser is sweet and delicate and is not overly strong. This cleanser is also hypoallergenic and oil free. While I do strongly recommend this cleanser for winter use, I'd say it wouldn't be the best cleanser for the summer months if your skin is no longer dry in the summer. Luckily the Avon Elements line also has a Gel Cleanser that is great for summer use so you can switch over to using that one in the summer.

To use this product you should first dampen your face with a washcloth. Then apply the cleanser and manipulate it across your skin to remove debris. After you feel you've cleansed your face thoroughly remove the cleanser with a damp washcloth. You may want to throw that washcloth into the wash after every use (or use it once in the morning and once at night when removing your cleanser then throw it into the wash) so as to be sure you always have a clean washcloth to use on your skin. Another thing you can do to use the cleanser if you are short on time is apply it when taking a shower.

Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque

Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque
Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque | Source

Dry Skin Routine Mask Suggestion From Cole Makeup Artistry's Esthetician

The Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque provides a light exfoliation for any dry patches on your skin and it hydrates your skin. I've never seen this mask do a bad job for anyones's skin and I have seen people of all different walks of life use it. It only produces positive results. I suspect if you are allergic to any natural ingredients however this may be a product you would want to steer clear from. This mask's main ingredients are: tourmaline and avocado.

To use this mask apply to face after you have cleansed. Leave on your skin for 10-15 minutes then remove with a warm damp washcloth. If it makes you itch remove sooner. Use once or twice a week depending on how dry your skin is.

Avon Anew Retexturizing Peel

Avon Anew Retexturizing Peel
Avon Anew Retexturizing Peel | Source

Dry Skin Routine Peel Suggestion From Cole Makeup Artistry's Esthetician

The Avon Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel is the face peel I'd recommend using if you want to remove dullness of the skin or aging signs. It's easy to use and makes your skin feel great after using! It gives 35% better results then a glycolic peel. Typically I only use it once a week but you can use it every two to three days if you have a lot of dullness or dryness in your skin. Some key ingredients in this product are: glycolic, algae, honey. I'd say this product is not a necessity to treating dry skin. Just try it if you feel like it's taking a long time for your skin to become more hydrated.

To use this product: use one pad from container and glide over entire face after cleansing. Use in the morning and at night 2-3 times a week.

Anew Moisturizer

Anew Moisturizer
Anew Moisturizer | Source

Dry Skin Routine Moisturizer Suggestion From Cole Makeup Artistry's Esthetician

So I actually used a different Anew Moisturizer then the one pictured because the one I typically used was just discontinued. They both have really similar results however and are targeted for the same age range in mind (20's-30's). The product I used was Avon Anew Blue Moisturizer. It's a soft moisturizer with a light fresh feeling to it when applied. It's like a nice drink of water for your skin. (It will help tons to also drink plenty of actual water though too!) The Blue Moisturizer was just replaced a few months ago with a new product called Avon Anew Vitale Cream. You can buy an AM one and a PM one. The AM product has spf included in it while the PM one does not. The entire Anew line is designed to treat target age groups. There's a different moisturizer for each generation, so you should select the age recommendation for your skin or take the skin care quiz at to see what your recommended Anew line moisturizer would be. I think Anew has great moisturizers for treating dry skin because they're so restorative and make your skin feel well rested and much softer after use. Some great ingredients in the Anew moisturizers are: salicylic acid, water, glycolic acid, Soybean extract (ingredients are slightly different for each Anew moisturizer).

To use the Anew moisturizers: smooth it all over your face and neck always after cleansing. You can also just apply it the most where your skin is the most dry. If you don't use your product that often you may want to remove the moisturizer from the jar with a disposable applicator instead of with your fingers to keep the moisturizer as clean as possible for as long as possible.

Elements Moisture Boost Eye Cream

Elements Moisture Boost Eye Cream
Elements Moisture Boost Eye Cream | Source

Dry Skin Routine Eye Cream Suggestion From Cole Makeup Artistry's Esthetician

The Elements Moisture Boost Eye Cream is absolutely wonderful! I dislike heavy eye creams because I feel like they are just too thick. Most moisturizing eye creams are very heavy in consistency but luckily this one is very light. It's more of a liquid than a heavy cream and is much easier to apply because of this. Immediately after using I felt like my eyes looked less tired and more content and happy if possible! Though truthfully a cream can't really change the mood of your face so I guess it was more well rested looking then "happy" looking. My eyes aren't usually very dry around them really even in the winter, so if you have really dry areas around your eyes I recommend the Anew eye creams instead. But if you have minimal dryness around your eyes and just want to be sure to upkeep on them the Elements Eye Cream is the product for you. Noteworthy ingredients in this eye cream: cactus, shea butter, and water.

To use: apply by dabbing around eyes after you have cleansed your skin.

Aveda Radiance Fluid

Aveda Radiance Fluid
Aveda Radiance Fluid | Source

Dry Skin Routine Serum Suggestion From Cole Makeup Artistry's Esthetician

The Tourmaline Radiance Fluid is a marvelous product. It's transformative, feels lovely applying, and just makes you want to go: ahhhh! when it's applied. This product is a wonderful serum for dry skin. It's restorative, healing, and smooths lines and wrinkles by 31%. It's a liquidy product and is basically clear. It has the ingredients: tourmaline and aloe in it. I just love this product. I wish it came in bigger bottles in the store just so I'd always have plenty of the product nearby.

For usage: apply to your skin after cleansing but before moisturizing for maximum results.

Other Notable Mentions to Add to Your Dry Skin Care Regmine

  • Aveda Botanical Kinetics Toner
  • Aveda Botanical Kinetics Moisturizer
  • Avon Amazonian Hydrating Face Mask
  • Avon Anew Overnight Hydrating Face Mask (LOVE this!)

Other Ways To Keep From Drying Out In Winter

  • Drink plenty of water and tea
  • Stay out of cold wind as much as possible or wear a scarf (the harsh weather will burn your face and dry it out worse)
  • Be sure to eat healthily
  • Avoid sitting in front of heaters or fireplaces as they will dry you out too. Try to wear a thick sweater if you are very cold or sit at a close but not too close proximity to your heaters (I know, I know it is incredibly hard to not sit in front of the heater when you're freezing and I'm certainly guilty of shivering in front of them myself, but it is better for your skin not to do that)

I don't like winter. Definitely agree with Gerda in this video.

Average Individual Product Price Range
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Four and a Half Stars
Four and a Half Stars

What type of skin do you have during the winter time?

What type of skin do you have during the winter time?

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