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Winter Capes | Style Cuts Through The Cold

Updated on October 6, 2010

The cape is a piece of winter wear that hasn't been all that prominent in recent decades, but it is making a comeback, and I for one, welcome it with open arms. Combined with drawstring purse pouches, high fashion is inching ever closer to real world medieval role playing.

Coming in everywhere from budget to designer price points, capes are a stylish way to keep warm and to wear a look that is a little different from the common coat that everyone else is trudging about in miserably this winter.

Alexander McQueen Cape

Leading the capes is this incredible cape from Alexander McQueen featuring tiger intarsia in a black and white wool blend. You'll not only be warm whilst wearing this cape, you'll also be ready to lead armies, cut deals with world leaders and make the peoples of the globe quake at your feet if you so desire. With high classical motifs in inimitable McQueen style, this cape is not one that will be ignored easily.

Pringle 1815 Cape

The houndstooth cape from Pringle 1815 is the perfect cape for the feminine Sherlock on the go. Made out of stylish wool blend, you'll be making elementary deductions all winter long, not to mention astounding your peers with your fashion forward mind.

Playing heavily into the Steampunk trend that the kids are so into these days, this cape is both a nod to tradition, a nod to intellect and a nod to innovation. Once you're seen out in it, expect those around you to come flocking to your lodgings to solve their fashion mysteries.

Jospeh Cape

Perhaps you have a taste more towards fantasy, towards slaying dragons with long swords or perhaps casting spells with your arms raised to the heavens. Every woman wearing the Joseph long wool cape recieves a +10 spirit bonus, not to mention a definite increase in critical style rating.

This rather traditional long wool cape with real leather detail is perfect for the Christmas season, when we remember kindness, love, peace, family and styles of days gone by.

Aubin & Wills Military Cape

Finally, bringing up the rear we have this lovely military style cape from Aubin and Wills. If you happen to have a friend who already owns the Pringle 1815 houndstooth cape, the Auburn and Wills will make you Watson to their Holmes.

There's both a lovely retro feel to this cape, not to mention a solid military influence, what with the shiny brass buttons. I don't need to tell you that military fashion is totally in right now, do I, what with military jackets and even military flap over belts being wildly popular, darling.


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