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Winter Cycling Clothing For Sale

Updated on March 14, 2011

Cycling is one of the best physical activities one can do; it's invigorating for a number of reasons. To be able to get on a bike and travel a distance, see the world from a different perspective, while getting a decent workout - well - there's not many things better than that. It also saves the environment from any unneeded gases; one could call it the perfect scenario.

Cycling, of course, is best done in the summer time; however that's not to say that it can't be done in the cold, winter time. Because it can - and it can be quite enjoyable too. All that's needed is the proper winter cycling gear, clothes that will keep you warm while giving you the mobility you need to bicycle.

What is considered cycling winter clothing? What are winter biking clothes? There are many necessary cycling winter gear in order to have a enjoyable experience. Winter cycling gloves, winter biking socks, bicycle winter shoes, cold biking caps and even tights; you don't need all of these winter biking clothes, but for sure a few of them.


Winter Cycling Clothing

Not all winter biking clothes are needed but, to have the full experience, many of them are reccomended. 

The Following is Available:

  • Winter Cycling Gloves
  • Winter Cycling Socks
  • Winter Biking Shoes
  • Cycling in Winter Caps
  • Cycling Tights (For the cold)
  • Cycling Winter Jacket

Winter Cycling Gloves

One of the most important pieces of apparel for biking in the cold weather are winter cycling gloves; in fact, many bikers will tell you, they are the most essential part.   Think about it.  If your hands become too cold, you won't have the control and grip you need on the bike, and thus your experience will become dangerous and not enjoyable. 

Luckily winter biking gloves have become available.  These kind of gloves keep your hands warm, in all weather conditions, while still giving you the feel for the bike and, ultimately, control over the bike. 

One of the best winter cycling gloves on the market today are Planet Bikes Full Finger glove.  It has ultra-soft fleece thumb and fingers, giving you precise feel and warmth.  The fingertips are also enclosed with silicon prints for increased grips; plus the entire glove in waterproof, perfect for snow and rain. 

Winter Biking Pants

When it comes to the best winter biking clothes and all winter cycling gear, some of the best options include winter cycling pants and tights.  

Winter cycling tights are the best way to keep your body heat in (whenever you're facing cold weather) and at the same time give you the most mobility possible.  Plus it makes you look like you're a serious biker. 

All cycling winter pants are made out of polyester, as well as elastane (what gives you the elastic fit and movement).  They all have windproof panels, and thermafleece fabric to keep you extremely warm.   Draft flaps are by the ankles for when you feel the need to faster, as well as silcone grip on the ankles and thighs.

Winter Biking pants are some of the best winter cycle clothing. 

Winter Cycling Socks

Hands and feet.  Whenever it's cold out those are the first two parts of the body to become uncomfortable.  Right?

Therefore, logically, when biking in the cold what's some of the most important winter biking gear?  Winter cycling socks. 

There isn't anything seriously unique about winter cycling socks, other than the fact that they are stretchable and are designed to keep the ankles warmer (they are thicker around the ankle).  They are also waterproof, and easy to take on and off. 

Winter Cycling Cap

Last, but not least, is the Winter biking hat. Maybe the most important part - probably the part that makes you look either cool or, well, not cool.

There's nothing unique about cycling hats, other than that they all come in different styles, colors, and fits. It just depends on what you want, and what you need it for.

They are, though, essential bicycle winter clothing.




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