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Winter Dry Skin Treatments

Updated on June 26, 2013

Moisturising and Replacing Soap

The most important things to do to get your skin condition under control is to moisturise and to find a suitable soap-free product to cleanse your skin. Then once you have the condition under control, you still need to continue to moisturize and use your soap substitute to maintain optimal skin condition during the colder months.

There are many moisturisers available that target specific skin conditions, if you know you have allergy issues with particular ingredients read the labels and avoid these. Different things work for different people so just because a friend has an allergy to some ingredient doesn't mean you will too. And as for avoiding moisturisers containing alcohol there are many different forms of alcohol; secondary and tertiary alcohols (not ethanol). These types of alcohols used in skin care are NOT drying. These alcohols perform a number of functions including of course moisturisation and will often be found in dermatologist skin care.

Some good quality skin care brands that are well known in Australia are as follows: Ego QV, Alpha Keri, Dermaveen, Hopes Relief, MooGoo, there are also many more and if you go into your local pharmacy you're bound to find something and/or get some great advice.

Aqueous cream is often used as a soap substitute and is usually inexpensive. Sorbolene cream is often used as an inexpensive moisturiser. These products are adequate but the above mentioned brands have many varying consistencies and textures that provide greater relief.

The Good Oil

Olive oil is also good, although it does have a unique smell.

Emollient bath oils like your Alpha Keri and Ego QV oils are excellent and provide instant relief however they do make you slippery and if you're handling small children it can be a little tricky, also probably not a good idea for elderly people who may fall.

Other Remedies

Other treatments known to work include PawPaw Ointment, Ungvita ointment, even the old Vaseline works wonders.

If you know of any others please feel free to comment below.

Practical Hints Besides Moisturising

Wearing looser fitting clothing if possible and not having your shower water too hot will also help. And most of all 'don't scratch'.

Some people will also find relief by changing/ or adjusting their diets. There are a number of diets specific to skin conditions you can research online or you could see a dietician or naturopath.

Vitamin supplements dedicated to skin care may also be beneficial, practically every brand has their own version. Fish oil supplements are also great for dry skin.

A doctor or pharmacist may confirm that it is or isn't a dry skin condition and can also suggest a topical steroid cream or some other treatment.

The brands and remedies I've listed are available in Australia, if you know and love something please feel free to add it in the comments below.


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    • stacytm profile image


      5 years ago from London

      I started to use castile soap, because it doesn't contain SLS which aggravates sensitive skin.


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