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Best Winter Perfumes for Women

Updated on August 3, 2012
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Choosing a Winter Perfume

As winter rolls around, the weather gets colder and we begin to crave those warm, sensual perfumes. We put away our light and fresh fragrances and pull out our heavier and warmer scents for the colder weather to come. With so many perfumes out there it is difficult to determine which perfume is best for these winter months.

What Makes a Good Winter Perfume?

When looking for a winter perfume you will want to look for a woody or oriental perfume. In general these types of perfume will make the best winter perfumes. You then want to find a perfume that has a few of the following accords. An accord is a combination of notes that form a feeling or general scent that are often times that words we use to describe a perfume.


  • Spicy
  • Warm
  • Vanilla
  • Woody
  • Balmy

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Once you have found a woody or oriental fragrance with a few of the accords mentioned above you will want to keep an eye out for a few notes. Notes are the individual scents that are combined to create an accord which eventually create the final scent of the perfume.


  • Vanilla (Vanilla Bean, Benzoin, Tonka Bean)
  • Warm Spices (Star Anise, Nutmeg, Cinnamon)
  • Musk
  • Chocolate or Caramel
  • Woody notes (Cedar, Rosewood, Teak)

5. Gucci Eau de Parfum from Gucci

Gucci Eau de Parfum was released in 2002. This is fragrance for women, but it does have some very masculine notes in it. Many feel that this perfume has a very unisex appeal to it. It has notes of caraway seeds, leather and vanilla. Gucci Eau de Parfum is a very powdery and smoky fragrance that is ideal for a strong, confident woman. It is a very nice scent for a night out in the winter months.

4. Kenzo Amour Le Parfum from Kenzo

This warm, woody fragrance carries an amazing vanilla note that is perfect for winter. Kenzo Amour Le Parfum was released in the fall of 2008 just in time for winter and the holiday season. Kenzo Amour was inspired by the very popular Kenzo Indian Holi. It is a perfume that will make you want to curl up on the couch on a cold day and relax. This is a very cozy and comfortable fragrance that everyone is sure to love.

3. L`Elixir Hypnotic Poison from Dior

L'Elixer Hypnotic Poison from Dior was released in 2008 and many feel it is the best oriental vanilla fragrance ever. It has a strong vanilla note with hints of licorice, anise and jasmine. This is a very warm and spicy fragrance that invokes thoughts of heat. This is a very sensual and sexy perfume that is perfect for those cold nights.

2. Ange ou Demon from Givenchy

Ange ou Demon from Givenchy was released in 2006 and is loved by many. Its main notes are saffron, vanilla and tonka beans. This perfume is a stronger floral, but still has the warm spicy notes that make a great winter perfume. I think Givenchy does an excellent job on perfumes for winter and have mastered the use of vanilla in their perfumes. This is an oriental fragrance that has numerous floral notes, musk notes and spices. This is perfect perfume for a night out on a cold winter evening.

1. Dior Addict from Dior

Dior Addict was released in 2002 and became quite popular. It is a woody fragrance with strong white floral notes. This oriental fragrance makes great use of the vanilla note and blends it perfectly with sandalwood. This isn't the normal vanilla fragrance though, it manages to be warm yet it has a sweet side. This is a very bold and unique fragrance that is simply amazing.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I didn't realize there was a difference in winter and summer perfume scents. What a learning experience for me today. Thanks for the share on the different options.

    • Nelly Ch profile image

      Nelly Ch 5 years ago

      Hi :) My winter perfume is D&G 3 L'Imperatrice. This fragrance has summer perfume notes, but I still love using it in winter.

      Gucci Eau de Parfum from Gucci is on more great perfume for winter I use. I can also recommend some Chanel perfumes. For example, Chanel COCO sounds on skin and clothing very well in wintertime.


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