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Winter Scarves With Real Appeal!

Updated on August 25, 2015
(c) BBC
(c) BBC

Ah, the famous long scarf worn by Doctor Who. It dragged along the floor creating a unique look for this Time Lord. If you want to follow along his footsteps feel free to do so, but this is not what the well-to-do women are sporting these days. Actually, unless they aspired to be followers of Doctor Who, they probably never did and never will put on such a garment.

In winter, the women who stand out from the bundled-up crowd are those who lack the head to toe muffling of a bulky, itchy woolen scarf. These fashionable and elegant women are wearing lightweight and glamorous silk. Nevertheless, they have not tossed aside warmth for fashion. In spite of its appearance, silk is remarkably warm.

Not all warm winter wear conforms to the traditional ideal – thick, bulky fabrics. Wool, sheepskin and tweed may match the ideal, but even the infamous Doctor Who scarf is not as warm as a silk scarf. Its ability to retain heat is less than that of the lighter and finer silk cloth. Moreover, silk is much more than the sum of its heat retaining properties. Silk is also gentle to the skin – no roughness of tweed or coarse wool there.

Yet, where silk really exhibit an advantage is in its designs and colors. It can alter a look, lifting it out of the mundane or plain into a surge of brightness. It feels like Spring may truly be just around the corner. If the fabric is 100% pure silk and hand-painted as well, the look becomes one of sumptuous elegance. Silk awakens the inner feminine and makes its wearers feel like a famous model or film star – even if she is simply dropping off the mail in the post box.

Hand-made items are the result of true craftspeople. These products tend to rise above the crowd of mass-produced items available on the market, including scarves. Whether the material is cotton, silk, nylon or wool, quality will shine through revealing itself. It quickly becomes obvious that the finer the workmanship, the better the product. Even those silk scarves bearing the labels of world famous couturiers are not hand-painted, although they are hand stitched. The designs tend to be repetitive. As for the practical scarves – cotton and wool fail to produce the same effect as that of such a sumptuous fabric as silk.

While it is essential to stay warm during the winter – red or blue noses are hardly a high-fashion statement, there is no need to abandon style. Women can remain cozy and comfortable without letting go of their desire to remain elegant and in-synch with style.

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