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Wisdom Teeth Pulled – Ouch ?

Updated on October 19, 2011

Having Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled - Or Not?

Have you had your wisdom teeth pulled or do you live in fear of hearing those words from your dentist? There is little doubt that having your wisdom teeth pulled can be a traumatic experience for many people and perhaps it is significant that people tend to refer to the procedure as having them ‘pulled’ rather than ‘extracted’ or ‘removed’. Bad memories of this procedure are often a factor that prevents people from going for a full smile makeover in later life.

Wisdom teeth are the very back teeth in our mouths and generally come through around the age of 17 to 21. This allegedly is the reason they are called wisdom teeth as that age is supposedly around the time when we become wise, though some may well disagree on that!

As they are usually the last teeth to come through, they are more prone to complications as other teeth will be better established and may well not provide enough room for the wisdom teeth to come through. When this happens, a worst case scenario is that they grow through underneath existing teeth although this is pretty rare. A more likely outcome is that they will come through misaligned and may well push your other teeth out of alignment too.

Dental Opinions on Pulling Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes, the wisdom teeth do not fully come through the gums and as well as leading to misalignment, a more serious complication is this situation has a tendency to allow bacteria to breed which causes more serious problems such as decay and even abscesses or cysts.

There are a wide variety of opinions amongst dentists, some who believe that having your wisdom teeth pulled should be a standard procedure to avoid all the other complications whilst others believe that they should be left alone unless problems actually occur. A key argument of the former is that it is far easier to remove wisdom teeth in younger people than older people.

Having Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled is a regular procedure but there are risks

Even if it is obvious that you need to have your wisdom teeth pulled; despite the scare stories, it is usually a regular procedure, which, under local anaesthetic, should not cause any real pain though it may be a little uncomfortable perhaps. However, as with all surgery, problems can arise and nerves could be damaged which can lead to pain not only in the teeth and jaw but other parts of the face too.

If you feel that you probably may need your wisdom teeth pulled, it is recommended that you consult a range of dentists to be as informed as possible as to the correct decision for your own particular circumstances.


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