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Wolf Watch Winders

Updated on November 2, 2010

The best selling Wolf watch winder, the Wolf Designs 4560 Single Watch Winder, provides everything an automatic watch owner needs to maintain their watch easily and efficiently.  Lasting for much longer than other winders, it's truly an investment well worth the price.

Automatic watches are incredible works of craftsmanship that really capture the essence of a luxury watch. And if you own an automatic watch, you already know the amount of maintenance it takes to makes sure that the watch keeps time and doesn't wind down. Chances are if you own one automatic watch you own several (or it won't be long before you do). This just makes maintaining your watches that much harder and unless you alternate watches every day without fail, you can never keep up. This is the main reason that people purchase watch winders. These devices are incredibly useful and are a great investment for your watch addiction…er, collection.

Wolf Watch Winders

If you're in the market to buy a watch winder, there's no doubt you've come across the Wolf Designs watch winders.  Wolf Designs has created a series of quality watch winders that are equally as elegant as some of the watches they maintain.  And while carrying a higher price tag than other watch winders, Wolf watch winders are known for quality and simple functionality that is well worth the price.  All Wolf winders use nylon gears that run silently and smoothly so all you get is perfect time with no noisy side effects.  Below are a few of the great Wolf watch winders for the watch enthusiast.

Wolf Designs 4524 Single Watch Rotator

The 4524 watch winder from Wolf Designs is the introductory model winder.  It features a simple and elegant design that is housed in either black or brown cow leather and makes a great accent piece for a bedroom or study.  The winder uses a highly reliable computer chip that controls the winding motion with three options: clockwise, counter-clockwise or a combination of both.  Each option has pause and sleep phases pre-programmed and will wind the watch at a rate of 600 rotations per day.  The unit runs on either an AC adapter or size D batteries and is so quiet that you need to check the LED indicator to make sure it's still running.

Wolf Designs 4517 Single Watch Rotator

The 4517 winder is the modernized update to the 4524.  It features a exterior design that has a contemporary stainless steel faceplate that is housed in a black leather cover.  It upgrades the battery to a rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery that will last approximately 6 months on a single charge.  It simplifies the process by using only a single mode of operation that rotates the watch bi-directionally with pause and sleep phases automatically incorporated.  The 4517 is as quiet and dependable as the 4524.

Wolf Designs 4560 Single Watch Winder with Cover

The 4560 Wolf watch winder is for the more serious watch lover who has expensive and larger watches.  The improvements that the 4560 offers are as follows:

  • It has a wider and deeper watch drum to handle bigger and heavier watches
  • The watch drum locks into place eliminating any chances of slippage
  • Backlit LCD display provides information on the status of the winding and how much time is remaining
  • Increased rotation options so that you can wind anywhere from 300-1200 rotations per day
  • Better computer chip for improved power efficiency
  • Lockable glass front cover that will protect your watch from any threats

The 4560 will maintain any automatic watch, big or small, with incredible efficiency and control.  You'll always know how your watch is doing and with the glass cover, your watch is protected from any disastrous spills that may occur.  And as with all Wolf watch winders, the 4560 is completely silent and incredibly easy to operate.  If you're spending over thousand on a watch, it makes sense not to skimp on a proper watch winder.

Wolf Designs 4526 Double Watch Winder with Cover

As your collection of automatic watches grows you'll find you need more capacity for winding watches.  If you need to wind two watches or more, the Wolf 4526 watch winder is the easiest and most efficient way to keep them going.  The 4526 winder uses the module 1.5 (same as the 4524 above) technology to keep watch winding simple.  It offers the singles speed of 600 rotations per day and provides bi-directional winding with sleep and pause modes already built in.  It also uses the nylon gears that Wolf Designs is famous for and keeps this running smoothly and silently.  The genuine leather covering comes in both brown and black and makes an excellent accent piece to any location. 


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