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Wolverine Boots - A Buyer's Guide

Updated on February 9, 2011

Wolverine Boots originally started as an American work boot prized for their durability and comfort. Wolverine is still as popular today in the USA & Canada and is rapidly becoming as popular globally. Wolverine provides a varied range from the more affordable everyday boots and, to a line of premium leather boots and shoes. Wolverine is synonymous with quality and that commitment by the brand still remains today.

Wolverine Clapton
Wolverine Clapton


Wolverine started out in 1883 in Michigan, USA, originally intended as a brand of shoes and boots for builders for work wear. Wolverine is held highly by Americans as they were an important part of American history in that they aided in building of railroads, motorways and build skyscrapers. From then on, Wolverine has continued to provide a commitment of constructing high quality boots. Particular additions to the Wolverine brand has been the ‘1000 Mile Boot’ which does what is says, a great durable long lasting boot. Wolverine has also introduced new technology into their lines to further build their customer base.

Nowadays it is not only Wolverine boots that are under the ownership of Wolverine Worldwide. Wolverine Worldwide other brands include Hush Puppies, Merrell shoes and also Sebago. Wolverine also produce shoes and boots for other brands, most notable is CAT Boots.

Wolverine Ascot
Wolverine Ascot


As mentioned, Wolverine Boots are made of the highest quality, something that the brand boasts about and is very proud of. It allows Wolverine to stand proud and separate themselves from their closest competitors.  This notion of quality was benchmarked by Wolverine in 1914 with the introduction of the 1000 Mile Boot. Staying true to the name, the 1000 Mile Boot allows the wearer to do just that and walk for miles after miles. This is a truly durable boot, the most premium of the Wolverine Boot styles. The 1000 Mile is always made in America, produced to the same high standards since 1914. Produced with Horween Chromexcel leather, stacked leather outsole and welt construction, this style sets the mark for quality.


Wolverine Boots have always been known for their comfort. Over the last two decades, Wolverine has further developed this by introducing the Wolverine DuraShocks. This is a technology used in the insoles of Wolverine boots and shoes consisting of comfort technology compression pads in the both the heel and the front of the foot. What makes these insoles so effective is that shock is absorbed, making for a more comfortable wear. Apart from DuraShocks technology, Wolverine have developed other technologies all showcasing the highest standards in quality. Wolverine claim that their footwear are ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Boots and Shoes’. This is a very ambitious statement to make, however Wolverine feel that they can justify fully this statement.

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot
Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot | Source
Wolverine Apprentice
Wolverine Apprentice


Wolverine may have started off as a brand that was focused on work wear and the outdoors, but nowadays the brand is also seen as very fashionable. With the resurgence of military boots on the catwalks and high streets, Wolverine seems to slot into the fashion world perfectly. Providing a product which is both stylish and of high quality, this definitely sets Wolverine apart from the rest.


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