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Woman evening gowns Big & Tall or Plus Size

Updated on May 9, 2014

The beautiful Sari

A Silk Sari is the most commonly seen costume of unstitched cloth worn by women across South Asia. We often connect these colourful dresses with Indian women. They come in all sizes and colours. There is always one for all of us! Each area in India has its own distinctive method of draping a sari.

A sari may vary in length from about three to eight meters The field can be plain, printed or embroidered, with plain or patterned borders. Here we can find pearls and embroidery that is amazing! The width and decoration of the borders are dictated by regional variations and often help to distinguish between areas of origin. The end-piece is usually draped over the shoulder and may be embellished.

Silk sari is made by the silk weavers of Banaras in north India. Banaras Silk sari is often worn on formal occasions and weddings since it is embellished and is heavy on the body. A silk sari is the most commonly seen costume of unstitched cloth worn by women across South Asia.

Plus size with shape

A woman with normal shape and plus size, has lots of beautiful evening gowns to choose between, Some of us can never never never have a dress with a decorated waist. But the plus size women that have no stomach sticking out, can find lovely dresses that emphazise the waist.

Have fun in browsing here. Even if you dont buy now, you can remember where you saw these fantastic dresses. Many of them come in many sizes and colours!

The choise is yours

Pram or ball dresses

Beaded Mesh Fairy Prom Dress Formal Ball Gown
Beaded Mesh Fairy Prom Dress Formal Ball Gown

Gorgeous strapless layered mesh dress with applique lace, crystals and beadwork.

Sizes all the way up to XXX


The Caftan

A caftan is a long garment with wide sleeves. Often it is made from just one square pattern. The colours of kaftans are usually vivid and detailed. The caftan is a vacation fashion staple that began being considered fashionable in western countries since the 1960s and 1970s. I have about ten (9!) of them in my own wardrobe.

If a caftan is costly made with embroideries and pearls it is splendid to use for an evening dress. The material is quite often silk or viscose. But there are caftans made of rather still cotton too. My caftans come from Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia and other countries. Sometimes there is a peace of the same material to wrap on your head as a hat to match.

A caftan may be open down the front and come with a self-tie belt, or it may feature a zipper closure. I have both actually. Some voluminous kaftans have a wide neck and are designed as a pull-over. In general, petite people look best in a caftan style that is closer to knee-length and is body-skimming.

The neckline of a caftan can be round, square, or v-shaped. I love my caftans and they have come to be like a trade mark for me. My children make jokes about me when I go out in public to buy milk with my caftan.

Here is the Burda pattern for making your own Caftan

And here is a describtion how to make your caftan

Are you too a plus size woman?

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    • profile image

      naiza1986 7 years ago

      I love all these gown! How I wish there is one perfectly fit for my size.. lol!

    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 7 years ago

      Absolutely love the Saris. They often have the most beautiful colors as well.