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The 5 Best Looking Women's Watches Under $100 2017

Updated on November 16, 2017
This inexpensive watch from Invicta looks fantastic on medium to small-sized wrists. It wears well as a now and then night on the town option. For around $50 it's a great value for the price.
This inexpensive watch from Invicta looks fantastic on medium to small-sized wrists. It wears well as a now and then night on the town option. For around $50 it's a great value for the price.

Is a watch under $100 worth buying?

A good watch can say a lot about a woman's style and personality, but if you can't afford a higher-end watch, then are their models still worth looking at in the under $100 category?

In this post I'll take you through some of my favorites and show you 5 unique women's watches that come off as sexy, classy, sophisticated, sporty, or even spunky.

What a Watch Says about a Woman

What a watch says about a man is talked about so often that it's gotten redundant. While it's true that in a cell phone powered world there are fewer people wearing watches, a watch still acts as the perfectly subtle fashion accessory for your style.

Thin Vs. Wide Bands

A thin watch band is an expression of your feminism. A thin metal band is of design an expression of which says you are not only classy, but sexy as well. Add some bling and you're showing off your spunky personality. On the other hand, a thin leather band shows not only your practicality, but your sensibility as well.

A thicker watch band shows your strength and sophistication. It also says that those around you need to take you seriously. It's perfect for meetings and the workplace. The same can be said about a larger watch face.

Sport Watches:

For some men an athletic woman is just about as sexy as it gets. Going with a practical watch that will also keep track of your laps and times is perfect for showing those around you that you have a get-it-done personality and that you are far from one-dimensional.

Diamonds, Jewels, the Watch Face, and More:

Diamonds and other jewels add to the personality of the watch and show that you are worth the finer things in life. Larger watch face numbers show additional class and strength while smaller numbers show your sensitivity and chicness.

Adding a band with studs, charms, or a vibrant color shows off your fun-loving personality and style.

Here's a close-up picture of the face of the Invicta Women's Crystal Accented Watch.
Here's a close-up picture of the face of the Invicta Women's Crystal Accented Watch.

5 Fabulous Women's Watches Under $100 for 2017

Classy and Chic for Around $50

Invicta Women's 0126

One watch that speaks of class and feminism is the Invicta Women's Crystal accented watch. It's water resistant, relatively durable, and perfect for an evening out on the town.

Final Thoughts:

I've owned this one for the last couple of years, worn it on occasion, and it's held up very well. It seems well worth the $50 pricetag.

Another Invicta watch I absolutely love is the Square Angel Diamond watch. It's one that I get compliments on nearly every time I go out. The look and feel of it feel on par with watches I have that are several times its price.

5 stars for Invicta Women's 5377 Square Angel Diamond

A Feminine Looking Watch That Shows Your Strength

Fossil Women's ES3003

A perfect watch for a medium to large-sized wrist is this Fossil Women's Pink dial watch. The thicker band and larger watch face speak of your business sense and class while the jewels and color speak of your femininity.

Not only does this watch look great, it's also very durable. With a scratch resistant mineral face and built-in water resistance it's good for wearing to work each day.

As you can see in the picture this watch comes with a MK charm and a leather band with studs.
As you can see in the picture this watch comes with a MK charm and a leather band with studs.

A Watch that Speaks of Intelligence, Practicality, and Personality:

Michael Kors Women's Leather Rectangle Charm Watch

I love watches that say just a little bit more about you. The square face and large numbers speak of intelligence, the leather band of practicality, and the charms and studs of your unique personality.

It's a great watch to add to your collection and one that works especially well with just about any style. This makes it a good watch for everyday use.

A Good Women's Sports Watch for Under $50

Timex Women's Ironman

If you're looking for something that's not only practical, but cute as well, then I highly recommend the Timex Women's T5K020 Ironman Watch.

As I mentioned in my post on the best women's sports watches this is the watch I like to use whether I'm running a marathon or triathlon. While it's not necessarily the watch I always train with, the intuitive design and easy-to-read digital time make it perfect for when I'm running a race or on the go.

In addition to being expensive this watch is super tough. It's water resistant up to 100M and, for me personally, has been knocked around quite a bit without missing a tick. For $30 you can't go wrong.

See below for five more unique options under $100.

Basic Guide to Watch Features


Needless to say, this is the part of the watch that goes around your wrist and secures it in place.


The faces of watches are just as different as the sizes of all our wrists. This is the front of the watch which is the visual part that you look at to keep time. Faces are also decorated and accented in many different styles.


This is the housing that holds your watch face, the movement of your watch, and other interior parts.


This is the ring that surrounds the watch face and holds it in place. These are also often decorated with different accents.


This is the clear cover that protects the face of the watch


The crown is the small knob on the case that lets you set the watch to wind it.

An analogue watch is one that shows the time with hands on the face that has numbers, roman numerals, or specified marks to help you tell the time.

A digital watch gives you strictly numbers to tell the time. And analog/digital watch can be considered a hybrid of the two; these will typically have both an analog and a digital display on the face.

Battery Powered vs. Kinectic Power vs. Automatic Watches

Your power source will be either a headache or a convenience. So depending on your life and preferences, make sure you choose the best one for you.

Cell batteries are the most common ways that watches are powered today. They are very small and easy to replace, though it usually does take a jeweler to do this for you.

There are some watches that also are powered via solar energy. A photovoltaic cell on the face of the watch will help convert the light to electricity.

Kinetic power actually uses the motion of your arm to turn a generator that gives power to a rechargeable batteries side.

Automatic self-winding watches use some of the same technology as a kinetic watch, except the motion of your arm actually winds the mainspring itself. These are quite expensive however can often last through generations.

How do you select a movement for your watch?

Mechanical and quartz moving watches are the most popular.

Quartz watches are much more reliable and tend to cost much less than mechanical watches.

Mechanical movement incorporates precise engineering and can last for years to come.

This type of watch can take a bit more maintenance since you need to wind it about once a month or so.

For those wanting a strap band, this Invicta Women’s 13968 Wildflower Watch comes with a pink strap and two additional ones in white and black. I really love being able to change the straps to match my outfit better. This is a Swiss quartz movement watch that features 18 karat gold ion plated accents.

How to match your watch and style?

Now that you have decided on movement, you should should decide on the style.

You need to decide what kind of watch will fit your personality, but also where you will be wearing it.

I like to wear a watch every day but the same watch does not often work well for every outfit and every situation.

I own three watches - one for sports, one for super fancy occasions and one for everyday fashion wear.

You will find a wide variety in styles; everything from colors and jewels, to unique hands and faces.


Along with the many variations in watch faces, watch bands are also varied.

Those that are looking for a luxury kind of watch might opt for a bracelet strap.

These are often more decorative and feminine looking.

The strap can be made from leather, rubber, or other types of materials.

These can be a bit more long lasting but tend to look more practical.

Scratch resistance

Plexiglass is the most affordable but it is also the most easily scratched.

Mineral glass gives more scratch resistance than plexiglass, but it is more brittle and likely to shatter.

Although it won't scratch easily by bumping up against furniture and other items, it can be scratched by hard metal objects.

Synthetic sapphire is the best material for scratch resistance on any watch.

Aluminum oxide is crystallized at extremely high temperatures, therefore creating a very hard and transparent material.

These kinds of watches take a lot to scratch.


Many watches are made to be water resistant up to a certain amount of feet.

Keep in mind that unless it is rated as waterproof, water resistance will usually just help keep your watch safe in the unlikely event that you get wet while washing your hands, or if you forget to take it off while swimming or showering.

Is a $100 watch too cheap to buy?

See results

Another affordable option is this Kenneth Cole New York Women’s KC2695 Rose Gold Tone Watch. This very elegant looking watch comes with a rose gold tone over stainless steel, and a white band. The band is nice; however white does tend to get dirty more quickly. It features three sub dials with date, 24 hour timer, and day of the week.

Will it really fit your wrist?

Getting the right fit of the watch is essential for comfort and visual balance.

It can be hard to know what size watch works best for you if you cannot try them on.

To help give you an idea, a United States quarter is 24.26 mm in diameter.

Take a look at this watch sizing guide to help you determine the best size for your wrist.

You might also like this Fossil Women’s ES2955 Analog Watch that comes in a stainless steel case and is powered by a quartz movement. Three sub dials give you a 24 hour timer, day of the week, and date. I really like the dual accents on the bezel of the watch since it gives it a fashionable touch.

For a bit of a different look, try the Kenneth Cole New York Women’s KC4758 Skeleton Watch. This comes with Japanese automatic movement, and a beautiful stainless steel rose gold plated bezel and bracelet band. The face is unique since you can see the workings of the watch inside. It is definitely a conversation piece.

© 2013 JC Heppler

What watch brand is your favorite?

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      5 years ago

      My wife has been looking for a new watches for a while. I have not wanted to spend a lot of money on a watch. Thanks for the options you have selected. I can get a good looking watch without spending too much money.


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