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Women await! Five Cotton Sarees collection For Summer

Updated on May 11, 2015

Sarees /Saris

Sarees /Saris are draped by Indian women in every season and occasion. However, one needs to choose breathable fabrics such as cotton to beat the blazing heat in the summer season. Conventionally, most of the Indian women wear cotton in summer season because the crisp and cool natural fibre is the best way to combat the heat. For the reason of casual wear or even for particular occasions, cotton sarees are perfect choice you can have in the clothing. For instance, you cannot go wrong with a cotton block print saree for a casual lunch or a day out with friends.

In this post, I have listed a variety of traditional cotton sarees, so find the best cotton sarees, which can suit your needs.


Sarees Collection

  • Khadi Sarees

These cotton sarees come in white and a little brownish color while the texture of the saree is quite rough. Khadi sarees made of the raw khadi fabric that is extremely popular in India at present.

  • Dhakai Saree

Originated from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and cotton sarees with remarkable thread work and embroidery are very accepted far and wide at this time. The Zamdani Dhakai sarees come with golden thread work while the normal Dhakai saree with plain thread work.

  • Tant Sarees

These saris come with a crisp texture and different colors, designs and motifs with broad or thin borders.

  • Bomkai and Sambalpuri

Bomkai saree is the most famous saree and woven in the district of Sambalpur in Odisha. This saree comes with a typical pallu and the whole saree has small dots of embroidery with a slim border. Sambalpuri cotton saree is another variety of saree from Odisha. Despite the vivid colors of these saris, the intricate embroidery on the pallu makes Sambalpuri more special.

  • Pochampally

Pochampally cotton sarees are ikat sarees and originated from Southern India. These traditional outfits are fashionable for colorful designs and their amazing patterns.

Draping the cotton sarees for summer season have a natural charm and will look stunning regardless of how you drape them. In addition, Sidha Pallu is the most popular style of Indian style saree wear for the traditional look in various special occasions, poojas and in functions. Classical ulta pallu for can be carried everywhere without any doubt. Besides, the Bengally style drape looks elegant and attractive on cotton sarees and would be the just right look for your family function.


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