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Women’s Bags - The Perfect Way to Conveniently Carry Your Essentials

Updated on October 15, 2014

It goes without saying: bags are indeed wardrobe essentials. The style of bag one prefers or the number of bags on has is purely personal but when it comes to shopping for women’s bags, everyone is in it together – shopping (online or from stores) is always fun. However, before adding new stuff to your collection, it is always good to assess what you already own. Toss out what you don’t need so you can make room for better ones. Not sure about which bags to toss and which ones to keep? Don’t worry. Considering the many styles of women’s bags available today, it is easy to get distracted. While it is no sin to treat yourself with new purchases every now and then, reevaluating your buys every now and then is always a good idea. From among the many options available, certain styles of women’s bags stand out and will get you through any occasion.

Bags Collection

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Bags Types

Beach bags – usually made of canvas, beach bags are large in size so you can easily fit all your beach essentials in them. You can choose from solid print beach bags or ones with witty quotes and humorous pictures.

Shopping – also known as tote bags, these are extremely useful and will come in handy when you need a package to conveniently hold your groceries. Plus, these are great if you are an environment-conscious kind of person.

Backpacks – these are mostly associated with school children or the college-going crowd but there is no reason to swear off them as yet. Extremely comfortable to carry and flexible, backpacks have the ability to make one look and feel stylish. These days, you can also avail smaller size backpacks in many attractive prints. These are handy and super fashionable.

Athletic bags – purely designed to carry sporting equipment and gym apparel, athletic bags are a must-have if you are physically active.

Baguette bags – shaped like baguettes with long sides and a short handle, these are the perfect party accessories.

Clutches – these are rectangular in shape and do not have handles. Give your shoulders a break and carry clutches for an elegant look.

Envelope bags – shaped like envelopes, these are similar in design to clutches.

Duffels – available in trendy shapes, sizes, colors, and print patterns, it is important to invest in this travel accessory.

Sling and messenger bags – with long straps, these are similar in design and will take you from a busy day at college or work to a fun night-out.

Totes – generally large in size and with a rigid shape, tote bags are truly classic. While most tote bags may seem too formal for college, these are perfect for Sunday brunch for friends, to work, or to fancy parties.

Shoulder bags – women’s bags in this style usually come with straps which is meant to be hung on the shoulders. Appropriate in any setting, buying shoulder bags in different colors and sizes is definitely not the worst decision you will make in life.

Satchels – bags in this style have a top closure, carry handle, and a flat bottom. You can wear these with formal or casual wear.

Bucket bags – shaped like a bucket, this style of bags have a rounded bottom and a tall body. Extremely trendy and timeless, add bucket bags to your bag collection for a stylish, young, and fun update.

Bags - Top Brands

You can shop bags online and choose from brands like Wildcraft, American Tourister, Puma, Fastrack, Skybags, Nike, Adidas, Kanvas Katha, Butterflies, Baggit, F Gear, Lavie, Samsonite, Reebok, Hidesign, DigiFlip, Caprese, Targus, Peperone, United Colors of Benetton, Harrison, Kiara and so on. E-tailers provide you easy and secure payment options like cash on delivery, debit or credit card and net banking.

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