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Whimsical Women's Clothing For The Male Of The Species

Updated on April 19, 2010
Serious Stubbies
Serious Stubbies
Whimsical Femininity
Whimsical Femininity

The fun thing about women's clothing, in stark contrast to traditional men's clothing (and when I say traditional, I mean traditional contemporary, not actually traditional, because really traditional men's clothing is awesome with frills and stockings and lace and all sorts of joyful frivolity that has since gone by the wayside) is that women's clothing is allowed to be whimsical.

In the fashion of the everyday, women can wear almost anything they want and get away with it. Case in point, those fairly hideous billowy long shirts we women have been told we should purchase lately. You know, the ones that make even a size 0 look suspiciously pregnant. There is no equivalent of that in the male fashion ensemble. Men's fashion has essentially remained unchanged since I was a kid, with the possible exception of short shorts aka 'stubbies' having been removed from the wardrobe of the bulk of Kiwi males. A guy can still get by wearing pretty much the same shirt, pants, tie and jacket he wore in the 80's without anyone really noticing that anything has gone terribly amiss.

If a woman showed up in 80's fashion, it would be impossible to miss her in her oversized asymmetrically cut t shirt, her tight leggings and her fluro leg warmers. Women's fashion is incredibly open to change, and willing to embrace a lighter, whimsical spirit. By contrast, men's fashion must always be taken seriously. Even if a young man is wearing his jeans around his thighs with the crotch somewhere between his knees and his ankles, he expects to be taken seriously.

So chaps, why not try throwing off some of the serious expectations associated with male fashion and embrace a little feminine whimsy? A lace cravat would look perfectly dashing with your business suit, you know, as would, perhaps, a floral silk scarf, though admittedly, not at the same time.

Inviting whimsy means inviting light fabrics that float and sway in the breeze. If you're really brave, a long chiffon skirt will bring several thousand cc's of whimsy into your life, and make you feel like a lovely petal whilst you're wearing it as well.

A subtle way of embracing a whimsical spirit is to sneak a woman's blouse under your suit jacket. Nobody need know that instead of stiff, starched cotton, you have a lovely smooth nylon blouse making your every move a sheer delight.

Life is too short to take things seriously. It is too short to wear square clothes day in and day out. Don't buy into the lies you're sold by the shaving ads that make out as if the daily grind is some sort of epic battle to be approached with a 'dead or alive' attitude. Life can be fun, and sweet and yes, full of wonderful whimsy.


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      8 years ago

      Your totally right. Great article.


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