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Women's Fashion for the Workplace

Updated on March 28, 2013

What should you wear to work?


What should you wear to work?

Are you looking for some women's fashion tips for the workplace? Trying to figure out what to wear can be a challenge - especially since most of us don't normally have proper office clothes naturally in our wardrobes.

Another problem is that it is often hard to dress in our own personal style and still wear clothes that are good for the office. For example, if your favorite personal look tends on the Bohemian side, it can be a challenge putting together an outfit that stays within your style. However, it is still possible.

Yes, no matter what your personal style is, it is still very possible to dress appropriately for work. I thought I would offer my favorite tips for being fashionable at work while still maintaining your own personal style.

Women's Business Fashion Opinions

How do you dress for work?

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Dressing for the Office - Build a Basic Wardrobe

The very first thing you should do is take the time to build closet filled with basic pieces. These are timeless classics that will form the base of your wardrobe. Once you have all of your classic, basic pieces in place you can introduce things that have a little more personal flair.

  • Pants, Skirts, and Jackets. A good office wardrobe starts with these three things. You should buy several pants, skirts, and jackets all in simple, neutral colors like navy, black, and/or beige.
  • Button down shirts. Buy a few of these in different colors. Be sure that the colors coordinate well with the pants, skirts, and jackets.
  • Shoes. You'll want at least two pairs of shoes with modest heals in classic, neutral colors like black or navy.
  • Cardigan. You should also have two cardigans - one in black or navy and another in a lighter color like white or light blue. You can wear this occasionally instead of a jacket.

This is your office wardrobe at its simplest and most basic. Once you have these pieces, you can start to have some fun.

This is your office wardrobe at its simplest.

How to Be Fashionable at Work


Add Your Personal Style to Your Office Wardrobe

Once you have your basic pieces, you can start to add a little color and style. Remember that you shouldn't go over-the-top. You want to look professional and classy at all times. You also want your clothes to fit well and be appropriate. How you dress is a reflection of how competent people expect you to be. You may get that raise sooner if you are dressed well at work!

Still, you can add some personal touches to your clothes. You don't need to be boring.

Wear Scarves

Scarves are a great way to add color to your business outfits in a classy way. Use your judgement here, though. I have seen scarves with sculls on them at the mall. Those aren't good for work unless it's Halloween! Otherwise, this is a good way to add glimpses into your personal style.

Stylish Business Separates

Yes, you should have some basic and simple jackets, slacks, and skirts in your closet. But, there are also some really stylish pieces that are still appropriate for work. If you see something that you just love, then buy it. You can mix and match them with your existing pieces.

Underneath Your Jackets...

There are a lot of different things you can wear underneath your business jackets. Choose colors and patterns that you love. This is a great way to bring your personal flair to the office while still looking professional.

  • Tank tops
  • Button down blowses
  • Silk shirts
  • Scoop neck or v-neck shirts

These can also be warn underneath a cardigan sweater. You don't always need to wear a jacket.


When it comes to accessorizing at work, simple is better. However, simple doesn't have to be boring. Simple touches like a great purse, a fun pair of shows, elegant earrings, and a nice belt can go a long way to make you look stylish and professional at the same time.

How do you put your personal style into your work outfits? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments section!

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