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Women's Hair Removal Methods

Updated on October 22, 2011

Body hair is natural feature of human beings. The whole human body is covered with hair. Although its concentration might differ from people to people, their presence is normal for every person. Functionally they perform the duty of keeping our body warm and start to increase in density in a person when he/she hits puberty.

A symbol of manliness in men, having body hair in women, however, is considered to be an ugly feature and a woman has to remove hair from her body parts in order to look beautiful or rather more womanly. From arms to legs and to armpits, a woman should be free of body hair because it is one of many features that differs a woman from a man.

How To Remove Hair?

Usually arms, legs, armpits and face are more likely to be free of hair in women.

Ways of body removal largely depends on the type of skin a woman. If a woman has a sensitive skin it is advisable for her to use ways which would affect her skin the least. Those with normal skin however are lucky.

Following are four different ways of body hair removal:

A razor for women's hair removal.
A razor for women's hair removal.

Through Razor

It is the quickest and easiest way of hair removal however it is not the most reliable. Using a razor is not difficult however few things are to be kept in mind while using a razor:

  • Your skin should be covered in a thick film of soap while using it.
  • Its better to use it on legs and arm pits as the hair that grows in these regions are thick and easily shaved.
  • Make sure that your keep your razors clean. Clean them with an antiseptic before use to avoid any sort of infection.

Be careful while using and do not use it on areas where your skin is sensitive

Hair removal wax
Hair removal wax

Through Wax

No, not the wax candles are made of, body wax is different. It is a thick mixture of highly concentrated sugar and some other materials, removing hair through wax is a bit difficult, but, if done correctly it gives the best result as it pulls your hair out from the roots which a razor fails to do.

Following are the steps for removing hair through wax:

  • Clean the part that is to be waxed and dry it completely.

Laser hair removal.
Laser hair removal.
  • Since it’s a mixture of sugar, wax can be applied only if hot. So in order to apply first warm up your wax. Either by putting it a hot water bath or directly warming it in a microwave.
  • Now with the help of a spatula apply it on your skin. Apply it in patches and be careful you are supposed to apply is towards the direction of your hair.
  • Now take a piece of cloth, preferably jeans and place on the patch of wax before it dries.

  • Now this is a tricky part. How to pull the cloth. Usually women pull it in the same direction as that of the hair which is completely wrong; you are supposed to pull it AGAINST the direction of your hair.
  • Continue waxing in patches until the whole part is clean. Remember to use the unused part of the cloth and keep on changing the pieces of cloth.

There is no doubt that it is the most reliable way, however it suits women only with normal skin and also can be quite grueling and time consuming.

Facial Hair Removal Through Waxing

Veet is a popular hair removing cream.
Veet is a popular hair removing cream.

Through Hair Removal Creams

These are available in market and are of many types.

Product quality is a very important factor to be considered while purchasing them.

Removing hair through cream is pretty much the same.

Just like you do with wax, apply it on a clean patch of skin, applying it in the direction of hair.

But unlike waxing, you are to leave the cream on for some time and then wipe it simply using a soft cloth. Other than that, it is less painful and less messy.

It is advisable to always buy a hair removing cream of a trusted brand and if you have a sensitive skin, use mild creams or do not leave them on for long on your skin.

Braun epilator
Braun epilator

Through Epilators

Amongst many other useful inventions is the epilators, this brilliant piece of invention is handy and very reliable and most advisable to be used.

An epilator is a machine consisting of many tiny tweezers that pluck you hair out from the pores.

Using an epilator is easy you just have to turn it on and pass it through your hair (towards the direction of hair) slowly pressing it gently against your skin.

The only problem of removing hair through epilators is that it is very painful other that it is a very reliable way of body hair removal.

Facial Hair Removal By Threading - Tutorial


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    • profile image

      Hairy 5 years ago

      If you want to look beautiful, throw away the razor and let all your body hair grow naturally.The natural look increases your confidence and the respect of men.

      Do not be brainwashed by what others have been conditioned to do.

      Be proud of your womanhood and show an example to others that shaving any body hair is not only unnecessary but undesirable. A very hairy woman is usually a very healthy woman.

    • profile image

      Ivy Sa 7 years ago

      I've used the Veet Cream, works ok on my skin and no side effect so far. No sure will I try other methods. But the waxing may sounds scary, although it is effective to remove all hairs at one goal, but it could be too painful for me.