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Women's Leg Tattoos

Updated on January 12, 2012

Deciding What Tattoo to Get

It's really fun getting a tattoo, especially if it's your first one. There's a lot of anticipation and looking for that perfect tattoo that fits your personality. There are many, many reasons why we choose to get a tattoo. Sometimes it's just for fun while other times it's to memorialize someone who has passed. No matter why you want to get a tattoo, whether your first one or if you already have several, it's still the same process. The majority of the time we go on an extensive search looking for the perfect tattoo and where we want to put that tattoo. A lot of women like to get anklet or leg tattoos. They're pretty as well as fun to show off, especially in Summer months when you're wearing shorts and flip flops.

flower leg tattoo

pretty star leg tattoo

When to Get a Tattoo

Most of the time we want to get tattoos in the warmer months like Spring and Summer time. We're wearing flip flops and shorts and want to show them off. Something to take into consideration is that your tattoo can't be exposed to the sun until it's fully healed which will take 2-3 weeks. You also can't put your tattoo in water, like a pool or lake. Keep this in mind before you decide to get that leg or ankle tattoo.

dainty cute leg tattoo

flower leg tattoo

Taking Care of a Leg Tattoo

Taking care of a leg tattoo isn't hard, but be aware that you do use your leg for almost everything you do. While your tattoo is healing the scab will be uncomfortable and pull. If you do physical work or something that requires pants, make sure that you anticipate the discomfort during that time. A lot of people don't really think about it until after the fact.

unique flower leg tattoo

pretty flower leg tattoo

What to Put on a Tattoo

After you have a tattoo, most people are told to put A&D Ointment on it. This is OK, but not the best advice. A&D Ointment coats your tattoo and acts as a barrier. A new tattoo need air to help it heal and breath. What's actually better than A&D is an unscented lotion. You can apply it more than A&D causing less pulling and helps soften around your scab. It moisturizes while allowing it to help quicker.

star leg tattoo

cool and different leg tattoo

Tattoos in the Workplace

One thing to consider not just with a leg tattoo, but any tattoo is that some employers will not hire if there is a visible tattoo. A lot of times tattoos on the legs or ankles are able to be hidden by wearing pants which is generally what is required in the work place. Just remember, a tattoo is forever and depending upon your chosen profession, you don't want it to prohibit your dreams or desires.

rose leg tattoo

pretty and unique leg tattoo


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