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Are You Wearing The Best Rash Guard? Best Women's Long Sleeve Rash Vest

Updated on January 16, 2018

Whether you’re a surfer, diver, kayaker, water safety instructor, or just love the beautiful beaches. For a water sports lover, you need to carry the right equipments and clothing that will enhance performance and offer protection.

Without doubt a rash guard is a key component of water sports gear. It offers extensive protection from sun, rash, or abrasion.

Though some people says a t-shirt will work perfectly fine to prevent a burn but it’s far from comfortable and will take forever to dry in the humidity.

While your prime concern is protecting your skin, you of course don’t want to compromise that with a regular t-shirt.

There are wide varieties of sun protections or rash guards are available, but you want the best that offers extensive protection.

Basically a rash guard can be long or short sleeve and should fit fairly snugly to keep you a little streamlined and not drag along in the water like a t-shirt would.

If it feels tight on land it will probably be perfect in the water, it should really be almost skin-tight.

They're all made of quick drying, 'techno' fabrics that are quite comfortable.

After going through a lot of reviews, user experiences, designing details, material details that is best for skin protection, in other words our extensive research finally led us to these 4 best women’s long sleeve rash guard shirts.

O'Neill UV Sun Protection Women's Basic Skins Long Sleeve Rash Guard Shirt

O’Neil is a very well known company. And this long sleeve women’s rash guard is one of the best seller among all other rash guards.

It is a simple and durable rash guard which is designed to protect your skin from U.V and rash. Plus it is made of polyester and four-way stretch spandex with fatlock stitching that is comfortable and durable.

At a Glance:

  • 6oz. Polyester/Spandex Long Sleeve Crew - Quick Dry, 4-way stretch
  • 50+ UV Protection Factor
  • Performance Fit - Skin tight
  • Strategic Seamless Paddle Zones
  • Rash Protection

What Others Are Saying About The O'Neill Women’s Long Sleeve Rash Guard Shirts

The O'Neill Women’s Long Sleeve Rash Guard Shirt receives rave reviews from its users. In fact, on Amazon on a scale of 5 it scores average 4.5 from user reviews.

Here are some of the comments to date:

“This rashguard exceeded my expectations. So far it has held up through a week of non-stop swimming and snorkeling and has also been through the wash without fading or stretching out. It offered excellent protection against sunburn.”

“I loved wearing this rashguard both under my shorty wetsuit and just over my bathing suit while snorkeling. It allowed me to use less sunscreen and provided a little extra warmth while in the water.”

“I needed it to protect my back from getting burnt while I snorkeled and it did the job perfectly!”

Where Can You Buy The O'Neill UV Sun Protection Women's Basic Skins Long Sleeve Rash Guard?

While comparing prices with other online merchants we found that currently Amazon do have the best deal.

Click below to check out more details about this Women’s rash guard on Amazon.

Women's Long Sleeve Loose Fit Rash Guard - Body Glove Women's Deluxe Long Arm Loosefit Rashguard

If you’re looking for loose fit long sleeve rash guard then it would be the perfect choice. The Body Glove rash guard is made of polyester and spandex, so it dries quickly.

It comes with U.V protection. As a result, the Body Glove long sleeve rash is ideal for protecting you from sunburn.

At a Glance:

  • Polyester/spandex
  • Overlock stitching
  • Quick dry properties
  • UV protection
  • Fits like a t-shirt

What Others Are Saying About The Body Glove Women's Deluxe Long Arm Loosefit Rashguard?

Here are some of the user reviews from Amazon.

"Feels good in the pool.Does prevent rash and sunburn."

"Kept the sunburn away while snorkeling."

"Great rashguard, fit well and didn't give me any issues."

Where Can You Buy The Body Glove Long Sleeve Loose Fit Rash Guard?

If you're looking for the best deal, currently Amazon does have the best deal among all other online merchants.

Click below to find more details and more reviews about this women's long sleeve loose fit rash guard on Amazon.

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