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Women's Rieker Shoes

Updated on November 7, 2016

Rieker Shoes - Potted History and Present Day

History of Rieker Shoes:
Rieker Footwear is a comfort shoes brand who specialise in bringing their super comfortable antistress footwear to thankful Women and Men all over Europe!
It was 1874 in Germany when Herr Heinrich Riekeropened his first shoe factory and when he died his three sons took over the company, gaining more success and the business grew stronger. By 1924 Rikerk Shoes had over 1000 workers which once again doubled by 1964.

Present Day:
In 2010 Rieker Footwear is the one of the biggest shoe producers in the world with one of the most recognised brand names for shoes. They are well known for their now legendary 'Antistress' range of comfort shoes. Rieker is more extremely popular with mens and women who are over 40's and they now produce men's and ladies' shoes, sandals, boots and slippers.

Mens Rieker Shoes offer a broad range of comfortable footwear they are made to be extremely light with lightweight soles and full-grain high quality calf leather. The Rieker anitstress brand name is lie because these really are the most comfortable pair of shoes you will wear!

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Rieker Antistress Technology



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