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Womens Sleepwear: Types That Keep You Warm & Types That Keep Him Hot!

Updated on March 20, 2011

From Sensuality To Practicality: Womens Sleepwear Does It All!

Many women, young and old, enjoy wearing luxury womens sleepwear. This elegant and sensual womens sleepwear makes them feel sexy, but it's also extremely comfortable to sleep in. Womens sleepwear comes in many different fabrics, including the popular choices of silk, satin, velour, flannel, fleece and cotton. These fabrics are favoured as they are not prickly or itchy on the skin, making them ideal to wear to bed.

Fabric Is An Important Element Of Womens Sleepwear

The most popular material for womens sleepwear is cotton. Cotton is a quality fabric that is extremely comfortable and soft. Cotton is great for sleepwear as it's a breathable material and is also easy to clean and maintain. 

Somehow, I don't think that this womens sleepwear is really intended for sleeping!
Somehow, I don't think that this womens sleepwear is really intended for sleeping!

Materials like flannel and fleece are great for womens pajamas too as they offer softness and warmth during chilly nights. They are also very durable and can hold their shape for a long time, when properly cared for.

If you like the feel of something more luxurious, choose satin or silk. These cool fabrics slide across your skin and keep you dry and comfortable during those hot summer nights. Some people refer to silk sleepwear as a second skin as it can feel like your're wearing nothing at all. They may cost a bit more, but the price is worth it!

Womens sleepwear doesn't have to reveal a lot in order to be very sexy!
Womens sleepwear doesn't have to reveal a lot in order to be very sexy!

Womens Sleepwear: Matching Sets Are Best!

One of the most popular types of sleepwear is women's pajamas which is available in every style imaginable, from slinky, slithery and ultra sexy silk pajamas all the way to practical, warm, snuggly, and cuddly flannel footie pajamas. You can select a set of womens pajamas
which matches a set of mens pajamas, and which can sometimes even be found with perfectly matching sets of mens boxer shorts. You'll find your man will love his matching set of pajamas for men!

The extent of sleepwear for women on the market these days is truly overwhelming. You can choose from womens cotton sleepwear, womens flannel sleepwear, or womens fleece sleepwear which will provide the most comfort and convenience for your shopping dollar without having to resort to the cheap sleepwear for women made out of thin poor quality synthetics. Of course, if you really want to invest in yourself and your sleep, you can always opt for womens satin sleepwear and womens silk sleepwear which provide outstanding elegance and tactile magnificence. When choosing from womens sleepwear sets, consider buying matching womens sleepwear robes so that you can truly fill out your nighttime wardrobe. One size fits all never really did exist, so you can obtain the exact size you want to fit you the best from the large selection of tall womens sleepwear, petite womens sleepwear, and womens plus size sleepwear at popular brick and mortar retail stores or at online web etailers.

Womens sleepwear can be hot! And I don't mean keeping warm with the flannel kind on winter nights!
Womens sleepwear can be hot! And I don't mean keeping warm with the flannel kind on winter nights!

Fashionable Womens Sleepwear

 The answer to finding the right sleepwear is to carefully consider style,size and comfort. That leopard print nighty might look great, but if it doesn't fit properly, it won't feel great. Size is especially important if you're purchasing womens sleepwear as a gift.

There are many kinds of womens sleepwear, each with different features. There are nightgowns, two piece sets with long or short sleeves, tank and shorts sets, camisoles and lingerie, just to name a few. The many choices of sleepwear available are influenced by today's fashion craze. Women are giving much more attention to femininity, and are even wearing sleepwear in public as fashion. A solid camisole with lace trim looks great under a women's blazer or jean jacket.

It's true: The choice of womens sleepwear is as infinite as the number of women who wear it!

Cool Womens Sleepwear That Keeps You Cool!

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      Cassey28 7 years ago

      If you want to drive your man wild buy a matching set from victorias secret Like a satin pants and top pajamas When i say a matched set i mean top and bottom that matches and the same exact set that will fit him , Talk him into putting them on and slip under the sheets with him and cuddle up and feel the satin covered bodies on each-other . It will bring a whole new spark to your nights !