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Women's Swiss Army Watches

Updated on March 20, 2011

Swiss Army Watches

The maker of the Swiss Army Knife makes these gorgeous watches. You can find both women's and men's watches by Swiss Army. You will find that the Swiss Army watches are just as durable and refined as the Swiss Army knives.

The woman's Swiss Army watches generally are mid-sized with Arabic numerals and luminous hands. Most of the watches are typically water resistant for 150 to 330 feet, depending on the watch.

You will find that every Swiss Army watch has the Swiss Army symbol engraved into the face where the 12 numeral would be.

You will also find that the Swiss Army watches have a scratch resistant face.

Although, there are more mens Swiss Army watches, the women's watches are very elegant and the styles vary from watch to watch. Some of the more classic designs are below, but there are other options that you can choose from.

Remember that these watches make wonder gifts for the special lady in your life, and because there are different options to choose from, you should not have any problems finding a watch that will suit your lady perfect.

Swiss Army Women's Officers 1884 Silver-Tone Watch

This is a classic woman's watch by Swiss Army. It has the standard stainless steel band and face with a crystal scratch resistant face. This is a very simple watch and would look great with any outfit and on any woman.

Swiss Army Women's Watch

This is probably my favorite Swiss Army woman's watch. It has a simple black leather band with the classic stainless steel face.

Swiss Army Women's Watch

What brand doesn't have a silver and gold watch? Well, Swiss Army has a gorgeous and classic watch that is stainless steel with polished gold beveled accents on the band and face.

Swiss Army Women's Watch

This is a classic style woman's watch with a brown leather band, but with its square stainless steel face, the watch has a more modern feel. I think the best feature of the watch is cream tread running down the watch's wrist band.

Women's Victorinox Swiss Army Steel New Date Watch

 This is a very simple watch with a black rubber wrist band with a stainless steel face and buckle. The face of the watch has a black background with easy to read numbers and luminous glow in the dark hands. This is probably one of the sportier watches by Swiss Army.

Swiss Army Women's Watch

Another watch with a square face, but the black leather wrist band and the stainless steel face gives off a stark difference. With a fatter face and the black background, this Swiss Army watch for a woman is a very classic and elegant watch.


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