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Buy Tummy Tuck Jeans

Updated on August 17, 2009
Rachel Ray wears tummy tuck jeans
Rachel Ray wears tummy tuck jeans

Got a pouch-like tummy?

If there’s one down side, ladies, to having a baby it’s this: it sometimes leaves your stomach in a not so flattering condition. If there’s two downsides, well it’s when those ungrateful little brats grow up! But let’s focus on the first problem: the pouch-like tummy that pregnancy leaves behind. What to do about it?

I’ll tell you what: get some tummy tuck jeans. While most people associate this type of pant with the company Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, there are others who have gotten into this industry, too. (You can’t patent a design.)

Companies like Shapewise and some low-cost vendors like JC Penney, etc. are all putting their individual spins on the old tummy tuck jean shindig. It sure beats trying to find a hemorrhoid cure which can often take months or even years. In this case, the solution is a simple, fashion-based one and not a diet change.

What are tummy tuck jeans?

They are designed to shift and hide your mid-weight. They work because they have a cross-stitched panel in them which flattens everything out without it being obvious. And without you feeling like your being strangled around your waist!

They look very fashionable and continue to evolve in their design. These don’t look like the infamous Saturday Night Live parodied “mom jeans”. No, they’re very hip. I could ramble off a list of like 20 celebrities who have endorsed them or been seen wearing NYDJ tummy tuckers: Diane Sawyer, Rachel Ray, Oprah, and many others.


You can get bootcut, and practically every other type like 5 pocket flare jeans and bootleg types. It’s really great in my opinion that they have expanded out to meet so many women’s different tastes in tummy tuck jeans. Even in terms of sizes they make a petite type. I truly applaud them. And the best part of it all is that it costs less than a real tummy tuck!

What do they cost?

Some of the best tummy tuck jeans are put out by the originator of the idea: Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. These tend to be a bit pricier than other brands that you can pick up at your local mall, etc. Expect to pay maybe $90 per pair on average from NYDJ.

If you can find a lesser name brand then I’m sure you can just buy those if you want them cheaper. It’s all up to you and your budget, although it can be notoriously hard to find anyone selling them except NYDJ online. At least I have had no luck. So just buy NYDJ. They’re really the masters of this field. I’m sure they do it best.


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    • jazzuboo profile image

      jazzuboo 8 years ago from Queensland, Australia

      I'm afraid I would need a pair of fisherman pants in order to tuck my tummy away...

    • Alex ONeill profile image

      Alex ONeill 8 years ago from Sweden (But I'm from Colorado)

      They're really great for after weight loss too btw!