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Women's Tweed Jackets | Three Top Styles

Updated on November 12, 2010

Tweed jackets, occasionally cut flatteringly in a short crop are all the rage this season as a result of two separate spheres of fashion awesomeness conjoining in a way that, quite frankly, might be just excellent enough to open up a whole new universe of fashion via a style black hole.

What am I rambling on about? You may very well ask that question, and I may very well answer it. For starters, as you are well aware, retro fashions are making their presence very keenly felt this year. Tweed certainly falls into a certain retro style, if only because it was not very prominent in the 90's and we all have very short memories when it comes to fashion.

The second sphere in which tweed has become popular is in the Steampunk movement, in which people slap bits of brass on things and then expect the rest of the world to congratulate them on their amazing flying machine.

When these spheres combine with cooling weather, what we see in the world around us is an abundance of ladies wearing tweed. Would you like to be one of them? Read on, dear friend, read on...

LOFT Tweed Jacket

This charming tweed jacket with mandarin collar is perfect for the sort of person who can fight multiple incarnations of their mortal enemy, but also likes to ride their penny farthing on the weekend.

Other features of this jacket include:

  • Decorative bib seaming.
  • Banded cuffs.
  • Gunmetal-finish shank buttons.
  • Gathered at back hem for peplum styling.
  • + 10 Charisma
  • - 8 Stamina

Juicy Tweed Jacket

I usually wouldn't mention any product made by Juicy due to my ongoing sense of horror sparked by the fact that the company saw fit to inscribe their label across the rear ends of women around the globe. A more terrible idea I have not seen before.

This tweed jacket looks like something one of the Kardashian sisters would wear. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not that it is a good thing. I include it here because the puffy fur mass around the shoulders gives it a vague sort of 80's power shoulder feel.

L.a.m.b. Tweed Jacket with Belt

I end this special little collection with a tweed jacket that looks like it was a group project in the ward of an upmarket mental health institution. Breaking away from the fashion paradigm that says clothing should make some form of coherent sense, this tweed jacket from L.a.m.b is a conversation starter sure to win friends and influence people. I'm influenced just looking at it.


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