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Womens Ugg Sandals - Sheepskin sandals for summer comfort

Updated on October 11, 2011
A cracking pair of Uggs
A cracking pair of Uggs

Ugg Australia are Australis finest producer of high quality Merino wool boots and sandals providing a high quality construction, with only the highest quality materials.

Their boots are legendary for the comfort which they provide throughout the winter, be it in the house as a slipper or getting out and about in safety and comfort.

However there i more to Ugg Australia than warm and cosy sheepskin boots and they also produce an extensive range of sandals. The Ugg style boots are often copied, but Ugg Australia are never bettered.

Sheepskin sandals for the summer

Now, you may well be thinking why would I want a pair of sheepskin sandals for summer? And have you any idea how hot it is out there? They’ll make me sweat and start smelling all, well, sheepy! Sheep get sheared in the summer for a reason you know!

Yep, heard it all but sheepskin for summer isn’t all that weird, seriously!

Sheepskin still offers the same soft comfort as in winter, and if you have ever tried a pair of Ugg Australia boots you’ll appreciate just how comfortable that is. Just as in the winter when the feet sweat (sorry ladies, I meant glow) in boots, sheepskin wicks away moisture to keep the feet glow free and perfectly dry.

If you have ever bought a pair of leather sandals for summer and two weeks later were cursing the fact as you nurse blisters and broken skin, the sound of a sheepskin lined sandal will probably sound pretty good.

The Ugg Halendi - lacking in skeepskin,but an Ugg none the less
The Ugg Halendi - lacking in skeepskin,but an Ugg none the less

Sheepskin is cool!

Ask any sheep, and it will tell you that whilst being sheared in spring is nice and cool, it was doing quite well thank you very much before a big burly Aussie man came along and cut is hair off. Evolution is pretty cool like that you see. Hair actually makes you cooler and protects against the sun but I digress.

In summer comfort is vital and in the heat, the last thing you want is to get all het up about blisters and uncomfortable feet. It’s bad enough with high heels, and the whole point of sandals is they are lightweight, cool and above all else, very comfortable.

So then, sheepskin is great, no matter what time of year. And as for style, Ugg Australia have it pretty well covered with some terrific models to choose from

The Ugg Layback Sandal (Black)
The Ugg Layback Sandal (Black)
The Ugg Fluffie Pink Flip flop
The Ugg Fluffie Pink Flip flop

The joys of Uggs

If you are a newcomer to the world of Ugg Australia footwear, you may not yet fully appreciate just how positively scrumdiddlyumptious this footwear brand is. The boots hug your feet and keep you at the perfect temperature. Sandals naturally won’t do that, but they will look the part and be incredibly comfortable underfoot.

If you look a little more closely you should see the super soft suede lining. You will notice the heavy duty stitching which is guaranteed to hold it all together, and they also feature a rubber sole for great grip. The thong style toe post is suede so you can forget about nasty abrasions and if you prefer a more traditional style flip-flop design, the Ugg Fluffie is for you. The soft thermoplastic rubber (note not plastic) straps are comfortable and won’t melt, even if you do venture into the outback and they won’t give you nasty abrasions, which would probably lead to a horrible death in the outback, or so Bear Grylls would have me believe.

If you are wondering if that comes from a pink sheep, don’t be alarmed it’s a super soft dyed fleece.

Mmmm comfy.


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