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Women's Wide Dress Shoes: Under $30, Shoes that Fit and Look Good

Updated on December 14, 2010

If you're a woman who has wide feet like I do, you probably have a harder time finding proper fitting footwear than your narrower footed friends. Finding sneakers and sports shoes might not be that hard but buying women's wide dress shoes that actually look good and are reasonably fashionable can be pretty tricky. And try finding wide dress shoes that don't cost a lot of money and it gets even more difficult!

I have done some searching and found dress shoes that will fit your wide feet, not look like your grandma's shoes, and all for under $30 a pair! These are shoes that I would actually wear on my own wide feet.

All of these shoes come in at least a D width at the very least. All were under $30 at the time of writing this.

Red Mary Jane Hush Puppies

  • OMG, I LOVE these shoes! They are the perfect sporty-dressy combo and are the kind of shoe that you could wear to dress up or for everyday. They are made of leather and suede, have two comfortable elastic straps and really pretty, whimsical embroidery on the top. They also come in taupe and black!

High Cut Ankle Boot

  • What a lovely little pair of 2 3/4" inch high heel boots we have here. They're cut just a bit above the ankle and the material is ruched, giving them a ton of eye appeal. These are not just for winter! These days, it's fashionable to wear boots - especially this type of boots - any time of the year.

Black Strappy Sandals

  • Perfect for a night out on the town, these 2 1/2 " heels will have you looking and feeling your best. Black, as shown here, will go with everything but they come in a variety of colors including platino, pewter and champagne.

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Wide shoe fitting tip

Since I normally have trouble finding wide shoes in the stores that I like, I've often had to resort to buying narrower styles but in a size that is really too big for me just so they will fit in the width. When I'm actually able to buy women's wide width shoes, I find that I usually take about a half to full size smaller because I don't have to worry about the width. They are so much more comfortable when they are actually designed for my wider feet!


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