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Women's Winter Coats: Sexy Wool Styles

Updated on October 22, 2012

If you’re on your way up a ski-lift, a heavy duty winter coat is understandable. But if you’re on your way to dinner, to a movie, to a play, etc., there’s no reason to look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man if you don’t have to. You can get a sexy winter coat that has plenty of warmth-factor. Now, as women, we tend to have expensive taste, and sexy + warm can equal big bucks if you’re shopping at Neiman’s or Bloomie’s. Which is fine, if you’ve got that kind of money. Personally, I like to save the big bucks for other products, so I won’t spend more than a couple of hundred bucks on a winter coat.

So where I do shop? Believe it or not… Victoria’s Secret has a very nice selection of good quality wool coats for women. I’m not a fan of their lingerie – I think most of it is total crap, and they have a really poor selection for women with large breasts – but the coats are good. Today I’m going to show you 5 styles that are fantastic, 1 of which I have. The prices listed are the regular prices, but I think most of them are currently on sale. You may be able to find a similar style elsewhere on the net, and I’m not necessarily saying you should buy from Victoria’s Secret – it’s pretty much just the style I’m praising. These are classic, timeless and elegant; you will be always be able to wear them.

VS Classic Wool Coat

This is the one I have, and I have it in black. It also comes in pink, herringbone, blue, white, and many other colors and styles. Pockets are set at the waist. Knee-length, so if you have short legs, you’ll probably want to be wearing heels with this. This style works best on an hourglass figure – and that doesn’t mean you have to be a supermodel, it just means that if you’re a little pear shaped, it may not sit properly. The coat is taken in a bit at the waist and gives a nice curve. And despite it’s thin appearance, it’s perfectly warm, and I’ve worn it during snowy weather and not felt cold.

VS Empire Waist Wool Coat

If you’re bottom heavy, or just broad-hipped, this is the coat you want. The buttons stop at the lower waist, which means everything from there down is unrestricted. You won’t have to worry about buttons flying when you sit down, and you won’t have to worry about anything looking 1 size too small. And, most importantly, the drawn in high-waist will give you a feminine look, regardless. As with the others, this comes in a variety of colors. Knee-length, and heels may be preferable.

VS High Pocket Wool Coat

This is almost the same as the Classic Wool coat, but the waist is set higher and the collar is a bit different, as you can see. If you’re a bit pear-shaped, or have trouble finding something that won’t fit too snugly at the thigh, this is a good choice, as it’s far more roomy than the first coat. This one comes in all the same colors, too. Pockets are set a bit higher up, as well. Knee-length, so, again, heels may be preferred.

VS Double Breasted Peacoat

Peacoats look good on men, and they also look good on women. This has a very feminine design and I absolutely love those big fat cuffs. Double breasted coats can often make a girl look slimmer because they flatten out the entire torso area. If you’re large breasted, however, these can look at little strange, so you should try one before you buy one. Also, the pockets are right on the hips – so if you’re overly conscious about yours, this may make you feel like you’re highlighting a flaw. Otherwise, the coat is gorgeous. The model in that pic is wearing herringbone, but wool is also available. This one comes to mid-thigh.

VS High Waisted Peacoat

This is the peacoat for pear-shaped women, or women who don’t like restrictive clothing. Double breasted, soft lines, feminine buttons, mid-thigh length. The collar has a beautiful trim, and the pockets are toward the center, so you won’t have to worry about stretching the shoulders and arms out to use them, like you might with one of the other styles if it fits a bit snugly. This coat comes in many colors, and the material is gorgeous.


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