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Women's Wool Socks

Updated on July 24, 2014

When choosing a sock it's important that a woman finds the one that suits her. There are a wide range available in many different materials, but wool is one of the warmest. Wool socks are a great way to keep feet warm in winter and come in a range of styles. They work well with almost any type of shoe and are a must have for any wardrobe.

Some of these styles including ankle socks, trouser & knee socks and cold weather & slipper socks as well as multipacks. No matter what you need, there's a wool sock to suit your requirements. Below you'll find some basic information about the different types as well as a wide range available to buy online from Amazon.

Wool Ankle Socks

Ankle socks are the perfect all round foot accessory.

They only reach the ankle and are perfect if you're after socks that don't clash with or show when wearing that new pair of shoes that rub you the wrong way.

A must have for any wardrobe, ankle socks work with any pair of shoes.

Extra thick 40 below Wool Socks

If you plan to do much hiking or are traveling around as a tourist, you need extra warm socks, especially during the colder months of the year.

There is a great range of colors and styles available in extra warm and thick wool.

If you live in a cold area or just work in a cold environment, these are a must have for your wardrobe or your backpack.

There are basic thick wool hiking socks as well as specially insulated thermal socks available.

Wool Socks in Multipacks

If you want a whole stack of socks, ready to go when you are - or you just hate washing, there are plenty of multipacks available to keep your feet warm and your budget in the black this winter.

Available in a range of colors and styles.

Women's Wool Knee & Trouser Socks

Trouser socks are a great solution in cold weather, especially if your trousers just aren't quite thick enough to keep out the cold or they have wide bottoms that allow a lot of cold air to harass your skin.

They're also useful for school or if you want to wear a knee length or shorter skirt without sacrificing on warmth.

Women's Wool Slipper Socks

Slipper socks are an awesome combination of shoe and sock.

There are quite a few types available ranging from simple non slip bottom of foot patches all the way through to sewn in leather foot soles.

These are a great way to keep your feet warm without wearing bulky or uncomfortable slippers or shoes inside the house.

They're also useful if you have tiled or vinyl floors that are slippery. Treaded slipper socks help you gain a grip on the floor, avoiding injurious slips and falls. 


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