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Womens Work Shoes

Updated on February 13, 2012

They say that in very important events in your life you always need to put your best foot forward. This is true especially when getting interviewed. For you to land the job you desire, you need to nail that first interview and create a good first impression. This first impression will make your name stand out on the hiring personnel's long list of applicants. Needless to say, how you appear before the interviewer will either make or break your chance, so it's essential that you dress to impress.

Your shoes are one of the most important accessories after you suit. When you are being interviewed for a job, there are certain types of shoes that are appropriate to wear and certain types that are best to avoid. Here are some basic guidelines for the best styles of shoes for women to wear to a job interview and why they work;

Go for the sophisticated, and professional look
Wearing formal shoes is always your best bet when going to an interview, especially if you being interviewed for a corporate or an office position. So this rules out your trainers, platforms and all those other fancy shoes you may have. An interview is certainly not the time to kick in your trendy side.

Go for neutral colours or deep dark shades
To invoke that professional tone, you need to choose shoes that are neutral-colored such as brown, black and tan. Or you can also go for very deep and dark shades like dark red or dark purple or dark navy blue shoes to infuse a little more color but avoiding to look too cute.

Stay plain
Your leopard printed pumps may be all the rage with your friends, but you may want to think twice about using them on your next interview. You want to be as simple and classy as possible to command a professional and respectful tone from your interviewer. Metallics, printed and animal printed shoes may not give out that tone so leave those for now.

Hide your toes
It is best to choose closed toe shoes for an interview. This style still is most appropriate instead of fancier designs.

Be modest with the heel
You never know if you need to wait in line for a while or do some walking around on your next interview. It is best to choose shoes that have smaller heels maybe an inch or 2 if you're rather short, or go for kitten heels if you are the tall type.

Shoe Condition
If you cant buy new ones, keep your current shoes clean and in good condition. You wouldn't want to go in for an interview with shoes falling apart and all. So if you need to invest in good shoes, it is best to do so since you can always reuse them on your job search and even when you do get a job already. As with all your foot wares, you need to keep your shoes in good and clean condition to enjoy them for a longer time.

Finally...Try to Relax!
The bottom line is, you better relax. Its an interview you are going to and that alone is enough to keep your mind full. Just remember whatever shoes you wear should accent the fact that you're a professional and ready to get to work at a new job. Let common sense guide you. Bear in mind that its tough to land a job so give your interview your best shot, looking no less than your very best.


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