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Women's Yoga Clothing: Comfort for Your Next Workout

Updated on October 15, 2012
Yoga clothes should be comfortable
Yoga clothes should be comfortable

Yoga exercises such as Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, and Astanga are a slow-paced type of exercise that is centered on deep breathing that coordinates different positions or asanas. This exercise has a lot more to offer than those exercise regimes such as weight lifting, aerobics, and other forms of cardiovascular exercises. Yoga is not limited to removing flab from our waist or shedding extra pounds. Yoga is also deeply inclined to calm our mind, relax our muscles, and rejuvenate our body. Aside from these health benefits, Yoga can heal bodily ailments through regular practice.

Since Yoga is categorized as an exercise that requires flexibility, almost all Yoga asanas are executed by twisting, bending, reaching out, but not only that, it also adds more emphasis on deep breathing. One of the most common issues that aspiring yoga practitioners have, is the lack of ability to achieve the desired position. Sometimes, this is only due to improper clothes worn during the exercise. Clothes should not interfere with the exercise. Following basic clothing guidelines will make you feel more comfortable and less self-conscious leading you to make that jaw-dropping pose. Below are some Dos and Don’ts as well as suggestions on what you should wear in a Yoga class.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Yoga is centered on achieving calmness, flexibility, balance and coordination. If you are wearing tight pants or even loose shirts, you will only be distracted by readjusting them back to their natural position. Look for clothes that will allow you to breathe smoothly and will help you move freely to reach out and bend more. A semi-fitted, stretchable top (halter or tee) are good choices that will keep your clothes to stay in place while you are in an inverted position. Select pants or spandexes that are form-fitting so that you can easily hold a pose without interruption. Also, select pants that are an appropriate length to avoid tripping on them. The materials should be soft and organic to keep you from allergens that may attack during a session. As for your feet, yoga is practiced with barefoot. Wearing socks during exercise are highly not recommended. If you want to wear shoes, there are shoes that are designed only for practicing Yoga. Look for a foot wear that comes with bendable soles and thongs that only covers the balls of your feet.

Select Clothes That Are Absorbent

Even though Yoga exercises are executed in a slow-paced manner, you will still be producing sweat as much as when you are doing aerobics. Cotton is a good choice not only because it easily absorbs sweat but it also allows your skin to breathe as well.

Remove the Accessories

You are not going to a party or a beauty contest. Earrings, bracelet, necklace, wrist watch, as well as make up are not needed during the exercise. Rather, these things might even cause an injury.

Wearing the right type of clothes for a yoga class is a great move to help you achieve the desired position. Furthermore, executing the exercise properly will make you more focused and balanced, healthy and vibrant.


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