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Top 3 Bombshells to Worship! #RoleModels

Updated on June 6, 2016

Dita Von Teese

Flawless! Inside and Out. Yes, She's Brilliant!

Everyone take note this woman is a Queen of Queens. There is something empowering about seeing someone I admire so much being so true to themselves. She's honest. That's indefinitely rare in today's celebrity circles.

She does what she loves regardless of critics. Her art is calculated and studied to be executed to perfection, and thus, she embodies and represents that perfection. Meaning, just as she is true to herself she is forever true to her artistic passion. This inspires women towards their own self confidence; a positive perspective otherwise not considered in the same manner.

To the one and only Queen of Queens, Thank you for you have positively impacted this world in more ways than you may believe!

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is the epitome of elegance, beauty, and selflessness. She is the dream to strive to resemble even if only in the most minuscule of ways.

She is a symbol for perseverance. She proved time and time again that she could achieve anything if her heart and mind were in it. This... is a role model. She displays humanitarianism. Sometimes one must love and endure for others, even those distant or unknown, for a greater overall good. Even if it's unjustly difficult.

Eternal applause and respect to this role model and lets not forget... true hero.

Brook Shields

She is amazing! She has shown bravery and strength throughout her career and I continue to admire her genuine kindness towards the world.

It takes strength to speak out, and even greater strength to defend private matters publicly. You were not silenced. You showed strength in a difficult time and I admire you for that. It raised awareness for many. Thank you.

Brooke Shields... forever timeless!


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