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Wonderful Homemade Facial Masks in Your 40's - Wrinkle Masks

Updated on December 12, 2017

It is time now that you may observe some wrinkles, dry skin and sagging face. Changes in face skin at the age of 40 are not limited to superficial changes, but they may involve the deeper layers like the dermis which contains the proteins, Collagen and Elastin. It is the abundance and integrity of these 2 proteins, that keep the skin looking healthy,flexible and wrinkle free.

With age, the amount of collagen and elastin decreases, collagen becomes less elastic and more tense and Elastin becomes more fragile, and these changes lead to the dull sagging face.

There are attempts to introduce collagen into the skin through cosmetics, yet they are not very successful (can cream delivers collagen like the injections do?)
The good news is that there are many nutrients that can help produce collagen and elastin, and there are also nutrients that help prevent their deterioration.
This is the real value of masks made of natural ingredients at home.

Nutrients that are required to produce and maintain collagen and Elastin includes vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E, micro elements like Copper, and amino acids like Lysine.

While you will read about masks for the different stages of 40's, you are not required to stick your same age because, you don't know which change in your skin is more predominant, consequently you may use masks for other ages than yours like, masks for early, medium, or late 40's, they are all safe.

Best Homemade Mask in your Early 40's

1 Tablespoon ------- Broccoli florets
1 Tablespoon ------- Sweet Peas
1 Tablespoon ------- Orange juice
1 Tablespoon ------- Molasses

Method :
Blend all the ingredients in a processor. Apply to your skin and leave for 20 minutes. Wash using cold or warm water. Steam the Broccoli for 5 minutes if you need to

This mask enables you to start your 40's by erasing the damaging changes developed in your collagen due to internal cross linking of the molecule. Peas contain an enzyme inhibitor (2 amino-propionitrile) that inhibits an enzyme (Lysyl Oxidase) that is responsible for collagen cross linking.

Lysine and vitamin C present in Broccoli, orange juice, and yogurt, are required for the synthesis of both collagen and elastin.

Broccoli is rich with antioxidants, it also protects the skin from sun damaging effects.

Best Homemade Mask in Your Mid 40's

Ingredients :

1/2 Teaspoon ----- Lysine powder
1 Tablespoon ----- Broccoli florets
1 Tablespoon ----- Sunflower seeds
3 Tablespoon ----- Milk, full cream

Method :

- Grind sunflower seeds thoroughly in a coffee grinder
- Mix the ground sunflower seeds with the rest of the ingredients
- Apply to your face and leave for 20 minutes. Wash using warm water and pat dry

Start building some collagen and elastin (at any stage of your 40's). To build them you need the amino acid Lysine, vitamin C, vitamin E, and Copper.

Sunflower seed is a rich source of both Copper and vitamin E, Broccoli is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants which help protect collagen and elastin.

Best Homemade Facial Mask in your Late 40's

Ingredients :

1 --------------- Avocado
1 Tablespoon ---- Blueberries
1 Tablespoon ---- Broccoli florets
1/2 cup --------- Orange juice

Method :
Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Apply on your face and wait for 20 minutes. Wash with warm water

This mask is rich with vitamins C and E with some Lysine to build collagen and elastin, and antioxidants which help protect them. You need to use it alternatively with the above masks.

Best Eye Mask in your 40's

Ingredients :

1 Teaspoon ------ Wheat Germ Oil
15 Drops -------- Black Cumen Oil
5 Drops --- Rose Oil
1 Tablespoon ---- Whole Milk
1/2 Teaspoon ---- Baking Soda

Method :

- Add baking soda to milk and whisk until it reaches a smooth consistency, and chill in the fridge for 20 minutes
- Add oils to milk and mix them well
Apply over and around the eye, leave for 20 minutes then wash

Best Refreshing Mask in your 40's

1 ----------------- Avocado
1 ----------------- Tomato
1 Tablespoon ------ Watermelon juice
1 Tablespoon ------ Lime juice
1 Tablespoon ------ Molasses

Process all the ingredients in a blender. Apply to your face and leave for 20 minutes. Wash and pat dry

Best Moisturizing Mask in your 40's

1/2 ------------ Avocado
1 Capsule ------ Vitamin E
1 Tablespoon --- Heavy Cream

- Add the contents of vitamin E to the heavy cream and mix
- Blend Avocado and cream in a blender
- Apply to your face, leave for 20 minutes then wash using warm water and pat dry


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    • profile image

      Renee 5 years ago

      Milk is a lactic acid. Great for face. Baking soda is a great PH balancer....but don't use both together. The soda will neutralize the lactic acid. Use the soda afterwards to return your ph back to normal....

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 5 years ago from Egypt

      Hi raghda,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Which fruit? Gust browse Google and Amazon to get a more defined inquiry.

    • profile image

      raghda 5 years ago

      could you pleas tell me where i can find the fruit oil?

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 6 years ago from Egypt

      Hi derma,

      Thank you for commenting.

      You look in your late twenties!

    • derma profile image

      derma 6 years ago

      Very good recipes. i'm in my late thirties but still worthful for everyone.