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Wonderfully Cute Outfits for Toddlers to Wear to Grandma's

Updated on December 27, 2017
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Sheila's a children's author who loves fashion trends from the wellness industry. She enjoys sharing fabulous style tips with you!

Grandmas are a jewel, and if you are like me, you'll want your grandkids to look their best every day. There is a plethora of toddler outfits to choose from and the prices vary from moderate to expensive depending on where you shop.

Children's boutiques tend to carry the most adorable kid's clothes that are not the run of the mill garments. You may be searching for cute, fashionable toddler outfits and don't desire to sprint all over town. Even so, you may not live near a children's boutique shop. And the best children's clothing stores around you, perhaps, are the usual Walmart department stores in your neck of the woods. Walmart and mega department stores tend to carry a basic line of kid's clothes, not what you desire if you want a vintage stance and extremely adorable kid's clothes for special occasions. Don't fret, I've discovered a few inexpensive and attractive kid's clothes for you in this hub.

Cute Toddler Baby Winter Coat Jacket

The first outfit I'd like to present is a toddler's baby snowsuit outfit. This special jacket comes in pink or hot pink for girls in sizes up to four years old. It has a floral ribbon with pink lace and attractive large buttons. The coat is made of high quality cotton. It's dainty and superb for special occasions, especially when visiting Grandma. Your little girl will look spiffy and eagerly ready for you to snap gorgeous pictures for the family album.

Grandma's Little Pumpkin
Grandma's Little Pumpkin | Source

Keep Boys Warm in a Snowsuit

For boys you'll want to keep them warm in a snowsuit that has overalls along with a jacket and a hood during the winter. Darker colors wear well with toddler boys that have a bright color contrast in the arms or legs. This combination is attractive and at this stage since boys are extremely intelligent, they may already be voicing their likes and dislikes with you. And since little boys are not as verbal as little girls you’ll need to help them develop their voice to communicate more. Don't fret, this is not difficult! Play along and develop their smarts even further by giving them a choice every day. Say, "Okay darling, I have two outfits for you! Which one would you prefer to wear today?" Wait for his answer and allow him to wear the outfit he chose.

A Matching Headband Is Wonderful for Toddlers to Wear to Grandma's.
A Matching Headband Is Wonderful for Toddlers to Wear to Grandma's. | Source

Children Normally Feel Cold and Need a Sweater

Children always need sweaters, since they tend to feel cold when adults are comfortable. During the spring, fall and winter months, it's important to keep your toddler well dressed and groomed. An attractive sweater with socks and a hat will do under a neat Winter Coat, if it’s frigid outside along with warm mittens. You may have a hard time fitting a toddler’s fingers into a glove; therefore mittens are a better option in this case.

It's best if you match their outfit if you’re visiting friends or grandma. If you're in a hurry then any wool or cotton sweater will do. Make sure their shoes fit properly and are not too tight or loose. Proper fitting shoes help young children walk better and they experience less falls, because a great shoe with rubber soles will grip their feet and feel more comfortable than ill fitting shoes.

Impress Grandma by Appearing Neat and Organized.Grandma Loves All Her Little Angels.
Impress Grandma by Appearing Neat and Organized.Grandma Loves All Her Little Angels. | Source

Little Girls Tutu Dresses

In the midst of my baby fashion research I came across little girls tutu dresses with rich ribbons. Tutus are making a comeback and are beginning to create a craze in the fashion world. My daughter has gathered the necessary materials to craft tutus for her girls. She made her first tutu for her nine month old for Halloween. Elisa was dressed as a cute little dog with a leopard hat and tights along with a black organza tutu, precious.

Outfits for Toddler Boys

Top Three Children's Designers

Perry Ellis
Nicole Miller

For Those Special Occasions Gifts, Shop Diligently!

For those special occasions, you'll want Grandma to see her little boys looking their best. What better way is to dress your toddler in an attractive dress pant and vest with a lovely shirt and bow tie? Darker colors work best for boys and bright, patterned or solid colored clothes for little girls.

Make sure your little boy's hair is trimmed and neat and your girl’s hair is either tied back in a braid, pony tails or loose with lovely ribbons.

A Smiling and Happy Toddler Always Makes Grandma Happy.
A Smiling and Happy Toddler Always Makes Grandma Happy. | Source

Children Love Attention and Compliments

Children know when they are at their best! They tend to behave more and demonstrate an air of show and tell. Toddlers do love the compliments and all the attention. This special dose of love builds their confidence even more. You'll feel spectacular too, mommy and daddy. More love and kisses will pour out and you'll feel like you're on top of the world every waking moment, despite all the caring and work you must do to keep your children safe, secure and content.

Big Sisters Should Love to Take Care of Their Baby Sisters or Brothers.

Toddler Fashion Poll

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© 2014 Sheila Craan


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  • tirelesstraveler profile image

    Judy Specht 3 years ago from California

    My son sent me a text Friday night of my grandson, downtown, playing in the fountain. We haven't had hardly any fall let alone winter weather. Still I am hoping for winter and rain. I am a terrible shopper and need all the help I can get. Thanks.

    All is not lost, the kids other grandmother is a wonderful shopper and loves to lavish dresses on baby RA and HJ.