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World's Finest Handcrafted Leather Briefcase

Updated on March 4, 2013

Ever heard of Skytop Trading? Well, neither had I until their advertisement appeared on one of my hub page articles. I knew the quality of this custom made Saddle Leather case before I put it in my hands. In fact, if you could imagine that the quality and workmanship was so apparent, it was even visible from the digital image. So how could I be even more surprised once I ordered a sample? The answer is simple, the handcrafted leather brief was so impressive I can only imagine that a stranger will stop you in the airport and ask where you bought your business case. My prediction is that you will experience the same if you do purchase a Skytop Leather Business Case.

Before my sample arrived I called George Barker of Skytop Trading, and asked him all about the leather. As it turned out, the leather comes from a world class tannery in Pennsylvania called Wickett & Craig of America. A well trusted name in our industry, since Hartmann, Renwick, CC Filson and several other premier companies use this tannery for their world renowned vegetable tanned or belting leather products. Although, others have used the tannery for leather, I can’t think of anybody else in our industry using this impressively thick gauge of vegetable tanned US top grain saddle leather. We are talking about a hunk of leather! During my conversation with George, I asked him if the case was as heavy as it looked. To paraphrase George, the response was something like this: Jerry, if you don’t have muscles now, I guarantee you’ll have muscles once you carry my case. So why would you want a case this heavy? The answer is quite simple; this computer case is so exquisite I would carry it empty just to turn heads!

So now let me tell you about the craftsmanship. We’re talking handmade in the USA; yes indeed this case is made in Estes Park, Colorado. Can you imagine these semi-hard cases are actually molded to shape on oak and cherry wood molds? This process known as ‘casing leather’ goes back to the Roman era and was actually how the armaments, shoulder pads, and footwear were made for the Roman soldiers. Unlike all other leather products in our industry, this product is contoured and partially rigid which is ideal for protecting your laptop computer, iPad, or other valuable contents. The interior is lined with supple glove leather providing the exquisitely soft hand you would expect to protect your cherished travel essentials. Should I also mention the quality of the hardware? Trust me, you can use this hardware to pull a horse, we’re talking some serious hardware, but what else would you expect on a custom made leather business case?

By now you have probably determined this is not an economy business case, and you won’t find it for a bargain. However, as my father always said: ‘Buy the best quality, and in the long run it will indeed be a bargain.’ Any product of this quality is truly built to last a lifetime. The business, camera, and specialty cases built by Skytop Trading are indeed the best of the best! In conclusion, upon asking George where the leather came from, he gave me a most memorable reply. I mentioned earlier that the leather came from a world class tannery in the US, but George wanted to convey that he actually knew the cow. In fact, not only did he know the cow, but his claim is he also knew the cow’s mother. I laughed when he replied, yet now after seeing the case I’m beginning to wonder if he actually did know the cow! The first case sat in my office for about two days. I was thinking of what my wife would say if I took home another computer case. Fortunately, I didn’t have to cross that bridge, I sold it to the first person I showed it to.


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