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Worst Dressed Stars from the 2015 Daytime Emmys

Updated on May 1, 2015


Some of the stars hit it out of the park with the dresses, while others committed huge fashion no-nos. Below is my picks for some of the Worst Dressed of the night for those who watched the show feel free to chime in with your picks. Also, please remember that everybody has different opinions when it comes to fashion and if you disagree with my picks, try to be respectful in voicing your opinion.

So let's take a look at some of the worst dressed stars.


Melissa Claire Egan

I love her and she's one of my favs, usually she's a hit with her fashion choices, but this dress didn't cut it. The print's nice, but I think it'd be more suited for a short dress instead of an evening gown. To me the print and the matching shawl was too overwhelming and because of that I put her on the worst dressed.


Lindsay Hartley

I've been a fan of hers since her Passions days, she's a beautiful women, but the dress wasn't her finest fashion choice. The beaded collar and the color of the dress is great, those are the two things I love about it. I didn't like the cutouts on the sides, the back, and the front; it was a bit too much. If it didn't have the side cutouts, then the dress would've been better.


Elizabeth Hendrickson

This is a dress I had mixed feelings about. The skirt and the crop top are cute, I like them as separate pieces, but together I didn't think they meshed well. The crop top worked well with the shorter skirt Hendrickson changed into later at the afterparty, but it didn't work with the long skirt she wore on the red carpet. Another thing I didn't like is Hendrickson's loose side braid, it looked messy and I would've preferred if she just let her hair down all the way.


Heather Tom

The only things I like about her outfit are the shoes and purse. The dress is nice and it fits Tom's body perfectly, but the thing that bugged me was the metal bar in between the straps. Also, I wasn't a fan of Tom's hair style, she should've just wore her hair down or opted for a sleep ponytail.


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