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Wrinkles Are Forever...Aren't They?

Updated on October 3, 2014

How Healthy is Your Skin?

Dry, recycled air is one of the most vicious enemies your skin needs to tackle. Additionally factors like air conditioning, long-term emission effects from common office equipment like computers, photo-copiers and fax machines, and even driving to work, can have cumulative and compounding effects on the condition of your face and skin.

The use of a daily moisturizer, with ultraviolet light (UV) protection, has much more merit than initially thought. As women ages, the more attention she gives to a morning and evening regimen of cleansing and moisturizing will bring immediate benefits to her skin.

Staying mindful of the ingredients you rub into your skin, should be considered with long-term rejuvenation, repair and protection in mind.

Maintaining a consistent beauty or skincare regime each night and day, will provide substantial advantages which will allow you to tackle most types of environmental conditions that can play havoc on your skin.

How Do You Know Your Skin Is Healthy?

It is important, that women understand the factors that affect the condition of your skin. Healthy looking skin is firm, clear, resilient, glowing and should not be dry or shiny.

The primary reason women use skin care products is to achieve or maintain their appearance. An appearance that feels good and looks good has a rejuvenated effect on our psyche.

A regular moisturizing routine protects from dehydration - and the better moisturizers and serums on the market today, combined with non-irritating sunscreens plus age-defying ingredients help to maintain healthy and nutrient rich skin.

The Moist Lip-Tip:

Be sure to treat your lips as attentively as you treat your skin. Be Good Hello Lip Treatment, for example, protects from the sun damage with an SPF 15 and is formulated with the anti-aging ingredient jojoba, which is clinically proven to reduce and delay the signs of aging. Lips are fuller, more defined, healthier and younger looking.

Wrinkle, Wrinkle Go Away

Just picture this, you are walking down the beach front, on a warm sunny day, a light breeze in from the sea is gently blowing through your hair gives it more waves than the ocean. People look at you, men admire you and the women are seething with jealousy. Finally someone ask how come you look so refreshed?

At the same time they notice how glowing your skin looks; you look at them with a knowing smile and tell them your secret, “I keep it natural” you say.

Hold on, stop the presses, “you keep it natural?” they say

Good skin care is a bit like a paleo diet. Using ingredients that nature has provided offers the best and most effective outcome.

Ok, we’ll admit that nature needs a little commercial help now and again but, this has all been readily accepted by the masses.

Companies that do their utmost to make sure that only the finest and purest ingredients make it into their products seem to have the most longevity, look at Burt’s Bees.

Skincare ingredients that can be manufactured at your kitchen table have found their way to every product shelf in America and Europe.

First of all let’s dispense with a couple of myths about natural aging.

I’ll look just like my Mother, when I’m her age.

Well actually, the genes and DNA that have determined what you will look like, when you reach your mother’s age have already been determined. What hasn’t been determined is how well you will age. With a little care and initiative you could look like your mother did, when she was 20 years younger, even at her current age.

Smoking, stress and diet can play a substantial role in how this scenario plays out.

Wrinkles are Forever

Well actually wrinkles are largely hereditary and can take a huge left turn if you know where the wrinkle road map is going.

An overwhelming 95% of women surveyed in a recent Pharmaceutical study believed that the only way to permanently reduce or remove wrinkles was by plastic surgery.

Medical researchers have discovered that many of the elements of that contribute to wrinkles can be greatly reduced or minimized.

Women with more melanin in their skin tend to have fewer wrinkles. Recent research by J.D. Simon suggests that melanin may serve a protective role in regards to skin.

Today melanin has been synthesized as melatonin. Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles.

Very small amounts of it are found in foods such as meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables. You can also buy it as a supplement.

Restful sleep is considered a critical component in the reduction and minimization of wrinkles. Using an anti-aging or natural skin care regime at night allows your skin to rest and replenish vital nutrients that your skin loses during the average day.

In fact you only need to look as far as the latest Hollywood red carpet to see how vital rest and a great beauty regime are.

Jane Fonda is 78 and looks amazing. True, she may have a staff that works around the clock that makes her looks as well as she does. The late Joan Rivers, bless her soul was no stranger to plastic surgery and while she didn’t look 81, she did look a bit unnatural. Get my drift?

Taking care of your skin and body natural will only enhance what you already have and eliminate the need to surgically “pull it tighter” every 5 years.

Avoid substances that have no verifiable or tangent healing properties, like second hand smoke, smog and stress.

One of the biggest contributors to wrinkles is stress. Learning to let toxic people and situations go will show on your face, in a good way!

Organic and naturally produced products like vitamin E, grape seeds, chamomile and turmeric are the paleo foods of skincare.

Used in skin moisturizers and exfoliates, these ingredients not only nourish the skin, they can help to detoxify the impurities that are already in your skin.

It is only since the rise of the pharmaceutical industry that the use of hodge-podge skin care as a general medicine has increased.

Natural ingredients have little or nothing to do with the fact that pharmaceutical companies can't make a profit from them; the opposite is true in fact.

Natural ingredients in their purest for tend to cost considerably more.

No cream or serum can completely or totally eliminate wrinkles but, a good skin care regime that nourishes your skin will you and your skin are at rest is a substantial start.

Start with products that include sustainable ingredients that have been around for thousands of years like, Ginko Biloba, the Maqui Berry, Licoric Root and the Hickory Root which have a traceable history of nutrient rich reparative therapies and commit to eating right, getting plenty of sleep and letting stress go.

Good Day. Good Night Cream



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