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Leave Wrinkles Alone

Updated on April 8, 2017
Products about arresting nature, i.e. getting old, are still around because some women believe that it will prevent wrinkles..
Products about arresting nature, i.e. getting old, are still around because some women believe that it will prevent wrinkles.. | Source
Simone de Beauvoir French feminist and author of The Second Sex.
Simone de Beauvoir French feminist and author of The Second Sex. | Source

Age resistant. Re-vitalize. Anti-wrinkle. Women are online as you read these lines, punching these words in an effort to find solutions to their problem, which is wrinkles. Are they a problem at all?

Europe and North America and their emphasis on staying young forever is responsible for the deluge of anti-aging creams and formula that promise to erase wrinkles.

Snakes that shed their skin periodically are amused. They don’t know what the fuss is all about and cannot imagine bypassing that process. If it didn’t happen, I’m sure they would freak out and consult a snake psychologist or shrink to pinpoint the problem.

Traditional societies in Africa and Asia put a premium on aging. It comes with certain benefits such as respect, because older people are regarded as fountains of knowledge and history. Such societies cannot take the subway to Macy’s or Holt Renfrew to buy anti-wrinkles products.

Indeed, they will find the notion ludicrous because for women, old age perks include doing things that only men enjoy, such as smoking long pipes, drinking in public, speaking their minds or holding high positions in village and royal councils.

Wrinkle Free Creams A Fallacy

Gate-crashing a party is not nice. You are not invited. Please get lost, but I can’t chase away these online ads which promise to iron out wrinkles.

They drive me crazy during my online partying, looking for information or videos. These so-called wrinkle-busters usually have a before and after photo.

The after photo is misleading, because it is a work of art, from a make-up artist, if I may say so. They doctor it in such a way that wrinkles are gone, or should we say covered up?

Being anti-wrinkles is going against nature. Leaves don’t like falling off trees in autumn but they accept the inevitable. They remember when they came to life after winter, wearing that green colour.

How about good old snow? Do you think it likes melting, causing havoc with those floods? No, but it is nature and nature has its time.


Wrinkles should not be seen in isolation. They work with other parts of the body that are experiencing their own metamorphosis.

If the ‘kick wrinkles to the curb’ formulas work on the face, they should also work on the hands because they are a complete give away.

Touching my face to swat a fly or take off the glasses becomes a revelation if the face doesn’t have a single wrinkle but hands have veins like leaves.

It is therefore important to remember that before throwing thousands of dollars into the sea trying to fight nature.

What is so bad about lines on your face? There’s a time and place for everything right? Kids don’t like strollers and scream their lungs out when their parents strap them in after a day at the park or beach, because they know it’s time to go home.

They usually sleep after all the hollering and acting up. They learn to live with it and grow up quickly so that theycan run around the house unassisted, run for the train and finally run away from home to college or rented apartments.

They don’t realise that all this running will end in runs on their faces called wrinkles, and the buck stops there. It’s a nature thing. Why do these online ads sell a lie, that they can reverse nature? It is like selling a product that will get rid of death.

Wrinkles show character or old age. It is character if you are wealthy, have a bungalow in the Bahamas and have accountants to count your money and keep most of it away from the taxman.

It’s old age when you are broke and always call the ATM names after the machine spits out your card with a little love letter: insufficient funds.

Boys are told not to cry: ‘take it like a man’ their fathers and uncles tell them. It’s the same with wrinkles. Take it like old trees. They have wrinkles that weathered many storms, literally, with no raincoats or umbrellas.


Wrinkles in Traditional Societies

As for the online wrinkles-free ads, I’ll continue ignoring them. I won’t click on them even in my dreams. Gods know what kind of virus is hiding in there.

Anti-aging creams are for both men and women, but online ads tell a different story. Models are young and female.

Perhaps that is the true picture because women in Europe and North America feel the aging pinch more, because of divorce.

They see movies or have friends whose husbands left them for younger women. The younger woman may or may not be the cause of the split, but somewhere in the back of the first wife’s mind is her age.

Wrinkles Appreciation Day

Kids should be taught about wrinkles before the birds and the bees. They should not find them repulsive because it is a road they will take one day. Try theatre.

How many roads do you see on grandma’s face? (child touches the face)

Six grandma.

Let’s see. I took this road when I finished high school and married your grandfather.

This one was during the war, when our country was divided into two.

You can add your own lines to this play. What is important is that wrinkles are about time and place, and history for those interested.


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