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Year of the Towel

Updated on January 16, 2011
Bamboo Grove
Bamboo Grove

More towels

This is really "tongue in cheek" but it occurred to me tha this might be the year of the towel. OK, so in China it is the "Year of the Tiger" and each year is based on one of the animals from the Chinese calender, so this has nothing to do with calenders.

It is just that the twice recently we teachers have been given a gift of hand towels. I must say they are very useful and most welcome, but my tally is 8 or 9 I think now.

All of excellent quality, and so wonderfully packaged that I fel guilty for throwing the packaging away, and a huge pile of what we would consider expensive packaging is growing near my laundry. I will throw it out, but it seems such a waste......................

On International Women's Day we were all given a pack of handtowels.and I have put some into good use, but some I will send back to Australia. I really don't need to use any more here, and anyway they will be a good reminder of my time in China.

Today - for no apparent reason - we were given another package of towels. These are very special as they are made from bamboo fibre. Bamboo is a fantastic plant - and in China bamboo is used in all sorts of ways, especially in the building industry as it is as strong as steel.

To think it can also provide soft fabric material is amazing, but the fact is that Bamboo is being used in this way, and in Australia I have purchased underwear made of bamboo.

And now I have some more packaging to contemplate over before I throw it away.


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    • gramarye profile image

      gramarye 7 years ago from Adelaide - Australia

      I didn't know that towels or underwear could be made from bamboo! That's new news!

    • Truth From Truth profile image

      Truth From Truth 7 years ago from Michigan

      Excellent hub, thanks for sharing.